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Pure Digital Evoke Flow

Tested at £150

A feature-packed, well-executed internet radio. A delight to use and listen to


Bought one of these last December for the bathroom - using the ChargePak battery, I can get a good couple of weeks usage of it (roughly 20-30 minutes a day) before it needs recharging. I also use it with the extra S-1 auxiliary speaker which boosts the sound performance in my opinion.

One word of warning to Mac users - the wireless media streaming function doesn't work with iTunes (which I suspected), but they also have not yet got a Mac version of their Flowserver software, instead pointing you to use TwonkyMedia. This works sporadically at best (though I use Twonky with my PS3 just fine) so if your main use is for this, I can't recommend it at the moment. Hopefully it will improve when Flowserver Mac is done.

But for DAB, internet radio and also just for plugging your iPod in, this is a great little package for a portable player.

The greatest radio ever built? Must be close. I listen to a lot of talk radio. Well I try to but I usually fall asleep. The ability to use the "Listen Again" and Podcast features (you can pause, re-wind & fast forward using these modes) means I can listen to The News Quiz, Fighting Talk etc when it suites me. Yes I know I can do all that with my MP3 player and PC but the convenience of just switching on the radio beside the bed is a great feature. Sound quality is excellent although I would like the volume to be louder at times i.e. using it in the bathroom with the shower, on but that's being picky. Re-chargeable battery pack is an essential add-on. I already had two Pure DAB radios but the Evoke Flow is by far the best. I got mine for £120 at Richer Sounds - fantastic value.

My Xmas present was the Pure Evoke Flow.  Via their Lounge application, you can access thousands of internet radio stations, as well as the usual DAB and FM.  You can also add your own stations as you want.  Internet stations can be searched by language, genre, location, quality of signal, or by name - or any combination of these.  Want to search German Techno stations with a signal quality of 3 and above?  No problem.  It's an ingenious device, easy to use once you get the hang of the process flow, and sounds pretty good as a stand alone radio.  Where it really surprised me was in connecting it to my Cyrus 8vs2 amp and ProAc Studio 110 speakers.  The quality of sound is extremely good and makes it a real pleasure to listen to.  Clearly, it isn't as good a quality of sound as playing music through a Cyrus CD player, but it is very detailed.

I would thoroughly recommend  this little gadget, I can see it giving me hours of pleasure.

Has everyone gone mad? There are numerous problems with the Pure Evoke. I've had one since they were very first launched. At that time the product was ground breaking, but there were issues even then. The main ones now are:

- Long wait to tune into internet radio station

- User interface poor and unfriendly

- Alarm - very basic, does allow to be woken up by web radio and does not allow to set alarms, that (for example) only go off on the weekdays.

The OS is v 1.5 at the time of writing. Promises by Pure's customer support to me (when v1.0 was running) that new versions would address issues have been broken.  

Be careful very with these. I purchased an EVOKE 2 not long after they came out, approx 2-3 years ago. Recently the indicator light started to flicker and just the other day it packed up altogether. So I send an email saying can they please tell me how to change the bulb? and where can one be purchased, the reply I have had is staggering, it says sorry you radio is out of warranty and they no longer have spares for this radio so best go buy a new one! If I can get spare parts for vintage cars (which I have not got), how come a model, which is barely out of production has no spares, and no way of explaining how to change one.


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