PDP-LX5090 user reviews

Pioneer PDP-LX5090

Tested at £2400

Once again Pioneer has delivered the goods; a premium product, with the price tag and - most importantly - the performance to match


One word says it all WOW !!

I ummed and arghed for ages before buying the PDD-LX5090 as would it really be that much better than my Sammy which is a pretty decent screen but I am so pleased I went for it as the picture is sensational and not anywhere near as hard to set up as some people would lead you to believe.

If you have the money and you want the best then this is the only choice unless you want a 60" then it is time for it's big brother.

who cares - its just a big flat telly

I want that one!

Got my PDP5090 before Christmas and have been very impressed with its all round performance. standard cable can look a bit off but as is the quality of the screen it picks up faults in poor broadcasts. As far as DVD is concerned it's 1080p picture is, i thought faultless, then hooked up the Bluray and wow, what a stunner. Can't really fault it but.....

Is the KRP 500A really that much better....?

when is sed tv or field emission display arriving.. that looks pretty interesting

I remember how the sed tv had a high contrast ratio of 100,000 or something..

Wonder what fed would be like, maybe similar.. who knows?

C'mon guys... hurry up and bring it to the flatscreen marketplace

Plasma and Lcd need some competition

C'mon.. go go go!

Quite simply this TV is truly stunning.  I was a little sceptical at first as how much better it would be compared to lower priced TV’s on the market but my concerns disappeared once hooked up.

The blacks are truly stunning with a picture to die for.  Digital TV is also pretty good considering the compression and size of the screen.  

A word of advice because this TV is so good it also shows up the bad so its advisable to make sure you have high quality components going into the TV.   If you have a £20 Tesco DVD player or are using an xbox for your media joy then you would be better buying the award winning Sony.  If you have high end equipment then this TV will surprise and delight.

Excellent TV

Great Pictures and Sound

Great tv if you have the room.

If there was one downsize it would be a little buzzing noise given off, other than that excellent.

I just purchased this TV and it is awesome. I think that you pay for the quality of the picture and build. If you can afford it then spend that extra for a really great TV. I am very impressed.

This is the best plasma tv in the world fullstop.



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