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Pioneer BDP-LX71

Tested at £600

The 'LX71 may lack the versatility of some rivals but picture and sound quality still excel


Not bothered about BD-Live! I just want my LX-71, the wait is killing me off. When are we getting it? that's the only thing I need to know.

Got this player a few weeks ago replacing a panasonic DMP-BD50. Using HDMI into a panasonic 37PX70 plasma and a Infocus IN76 projector. 7.1 analogue outputs into a Denon AV1SR.

Picture is stunning, you can manually adjust output to 1080P/24Hz (unlike the pana if it doesnt like your display), and you can manually adjust every other picture setting, a little tinkering and the picture just gets better and better.

Sound is monumental, DD HD transformers sounds massive. DTS sounds great to. Before i bought the player Pioneer assured me that a firmware update for on board DTS HDmaster audio decoding will be available start of next year (cant wait!)

1 gripe Pioneer, the remote has no back light so using it in the dark is a bloody pain!, apart from that, GREAT!! this is what blu ray should have been like a year ago! Go buy it, you wont be disappointed...

Really looking forward to this player, I have it on order.  I do wonder if I will miss the BD-Live or not???  I wonder whether Pioneer will offer BD-Live firmware upgrade later, or if this will even be possible?

A year on still stunning. Might well go down as one of the best blu ray player's ever made at this price point.

Certainly does for me.

Just hooked mine upto my pioneer sc-lx81 amp sounds fantastic on dts hd master audio watching broken arrow.

Definitely recommend apart from all the updates you have to download from the pioneer website.  The lazy g--- at pioneer won't send me an update disc.

Got the player LX-71 off the net after three days decided to update the firmware to tweak (I know you may be thinking why do that? well if it’s on Pioneers’ site you can’t blame me can you?)

Burnt the ISO to disc followed the instructions by the book and guess what?

It won’t work now and it has been collected by the Pioneer repair men other then the rather flaky firmware update its been fantastic

I have a Sony RDR HXD910 I thought that was the dogs until I viewed the picture on my PDPR0 plasma but the picture and sound are so clear and full of detail it’s almost 3D I caqnt wait to get it back (with the firmware on Smile hopefully)

The update benefits

- Enhances stability of BD-Java playback (*)

- Fixes the case that the player does not work properly in combination operation of pause, fast-forward, and so on.

- Enhances the synchronization with audio and video during playback.

- Performance improvement

* The player's action can be slower than expected depending on contents (menu, game, etc.) included in certain BD-Java discs.

This is the error

Q: A "WRT FAILED" message is displayed on the front panel display.

A: Remove the UPDATE disc from the disc tray.?@Press "STANDBY/ON" on the player's front panel to turn off the power, then turn the power back on. If the power cannot be turned off, press and hold "STANDBY/ON" on the player's front panel for over 5 seconds. The power will tune off.

Please confirm the version of player's firmware after it turns on power. The disc of the same version and an old version cannot be updated.

Please turn on the update disc again when the version is correct. The update continues.

When the update doesn't continue or the power supply doesn't enter, it is necessary to repair. In such an event, call Pioneer Customer Support Center.

How this player only got 4 stars is beyond me !!

I upgraded from a Panasonic BD-80 and the difference is massive.  

Avatar is the easiest way to tell, the image is much clearer, especially as the film is moving constantly. You see a lot more background detail with a far cleaner image, its all blurred on the Panasonic by comparison and other cheaper players I have seen it on, The overall image is more 3D as well.  

The sound is noticeabely better too

For CD playback I compared this with a Cyrus CD6s and while not as good it still comes very close and is an enjoyable listen.  I have sold the Cyrus as its no longer needed.

This player is serious - and definately worth picking up second hand if you can.

I would have been happy to pay £600 for this - I paid no where near that used.

Simply stunning picture, if a little slow in load up etc.  Only real annoyance is lack of region 1 hack unlike previous Pioneers before it, so my stack of region 1 discs will have to sit and wait a while longer....


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