BDP-51FD user reviews

Pioneer BDP-51FD

Tested at £350

The BDP-51FD produces picture and sound quality way above its station - what are you waiting for?


Got one of these myself. Got it from for £350. Very happy with it. Don't think i'd ever use the BluRay 2.0 features anyway so it's not a problem. CDs sound great too.

exellent machine for blu ray and cd

There are drawbacks for sure, but the real-world difference they will make are debatable.

If you have a receiver that decodes HD formats the sound issue is negated. If you use the HDMI connection (as most will) the video DAC issue is also negated. Profile 2.0 is the only thing this doesn't and won't ever do. If you don't care, buy one. Don't buy the LX-71, personally I feel the £200 extra isn't worth it.

lovely looking machine, as stated below, i dont think the extra £200 outlay is worth the asking, is this player better than the Sony `550? available for £334 at Digital direct. Bargain !!

Can anyone here advise me ? Some time ago i purchase the Panasonic DMP 30 blue ray player .The picture and sound quality is  first class. What i want to know is, is  the Pioneer BDP51 -FD worth shelling out for, to get even better performance or may be the latest Panasonic dbp 55 player is better to buy .  

Also with being it Profile 1.1 it is having problems playing some discs. I would not said this Pio product was 5 stars.

takes forever to load a disk and endless delays with the firmware, however build and picture quality are very good indeed.

I lost patience and traded mine in for a panasonic dmp 80 which is fairly fast loading and delivers.

This is a fantastic machine with Bluray and also DVDs, giving them a new lease of life..much better upscalling than my Denon 1930 managed, all this on a Pioneer 768 panel. Great deal also..�292 (price promise, minus �10)at Richer Sounds. No DTS HD Master Audio conversion as yet...Am told firmware version 2 ready any day now, but if your receiver does it then its no bother!!

I have been the proud owner of one of these for a week now and I'm absolutely stunned by the picture & sound quality!!!

I have kept my Toshiba HD-XE1 for SD DVD, don't have the need anymore for it. Since the latest Firmware 1.25a the BD51FD at least equals the XE1's DVD upscaling capabilities, but is lightyears ahead in sound quality (and the XE1 was no slouch).

I got mine from Richer Sounds at �329 including their 5 years extended warranty. Absolutely Brilliant!!!

I have owned this Pioneer player for about five weeks now and am very happy with the salesman's suggestion to buy it over the new Panasonic. It is not only great with BluRay movies but upscales some of the better DVDs to near BluRay standard. The audio is excellent and my CDs sound just as good as they did on my Denon player. My only complaint is that Pioneer should not have advertised this player as having DTS-HD Master Audio decoding (as stated in the operating manual and on the box)until it was actually on board and functional. Naughty, naughty.

hi can anyone tell me the best settings to  use , ie ive noticed it has presets for plasma lcd pioneer plasma projector , but what is professional for ?

and  output res source direct or a preset one or auto

I got this player late july,its great it plays all or most of my recorded dvds,blu-ray pic is tops,then what about CD'S wow!!! but if your looking for BD-LIVE look at a later model...


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