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Pioneer BDP-320

Tested at £400

Premium looks and premium performance, this Pioneer player continues to impress


Beware! The BDP-320 is not compatible with a Panasonic TH-42PX70 TV. Indeed,  in general, try-before-you-buy if your TV is a non-24fps non-1080p (ie HD Ready only). See this thread (last page):

These are now �79.95 at Richer Sounds which makes it cheaper than budget Sony and Panasonic players. It beats them hands down in every respect as a blu-ray player.

Got me one of these babies a few weeks ago for €359 (yep euros, I live in France). It's my first foray into Blu-Ray. I've been vacillating about which machine to get and got this one as it ticked all the right boxes.

First film to watch (after Planet Earth obviously, if you haven't got it....why not!?!?!) was The Dark Knight. I watched it with her in doors who saw it with me on DVD. She mentioned that the dialogue is so much crisper and the sound is so much clearer and spookier too. As for the video quality...well, she was amazed at the Jokers make up and how characters popped out of dark inky blacks.

A lot of people are not sure about how much improvement there is over DVD, believe me, no believe my missus, it's like comparing DVD and VHS, really!

One great machine.

I got one of these babies a few weeks ago for €359 (yes euros, I live in France) and have to say it is worth every penny, sorry cent.

It's my first foray into Blu-Ray after vacillating about which machine to go for for ages. The first film I watched (after Planet Earth obviously, if you haven't got it...durrr) was The Dark Knight. I watched it with her in doors who watched the same film with me on DVD.

Moment of truth...she was stunned by the sound. How Dialogue was easier to pick up and how the sound effects were so much more spookier. She couldn't get over the Jokers make up and how characters in dark scenes literally popped up out of inky blacks.

As for watching her favorite elephants in Planet Earth she couldn't get over the detail and how crisp everything looks......winner.

Some people are not convinced about entering into Blu-Ray, believe me, no believe my missus, it's like comparing DVD and VHS, there is no going back.

If you can afford it buy this machine, You'll love it.

I have one of these blu ray players running on a Panasonic TH-37PV500B TVs, mine runs perfectly fine

I am swapping out my bdp-51fd for this model.(space issue)Hope it lives up to the review as the '51 certainly did.My only concern is sound scale and bass weight,but if review is on the ball,no worries-i think...

PHEW!Yes this player certainly reproduces the picture from the prev. BDP-51.If also upping sound quality a tad.Aesthetically though the '51 had it beaten IMO.But for space-saving,vice-versa.So a worthwhile swap as i got most of the cost from the sale of the '51.Cheers WHF!

5 stars for the picture quality, 3 stars for audio on the basis that the machine has a very low audio output from its analogue output, or via HDMI into  a TV & speakers when playing some disks, most notably Dolby Digital 5.1 on DVD or Blu-ray. Volume needs to be cranked to around double to get equivalent output, even into a Pioneer Plasma TV (I bought the player to be compatible!). You basically run out of volume, even if you crank it up. Pioneer UK Tech Support agree and recognise the problem but there is no solution.  I am suprised that What HiFi did not test this aspect since some buyers may not have a surround sound system.  Otherwise the machine looks good, and with CD, or Blu-ray disks with a PCM or DTS audio outputs sounds fine.  

Loading is very slow.  Fast forward / reverse has some lag, and skip has a quite a bit of lag, sometimes I press the button twice because nothing seems to happen, then it jumps two chapters.  Motion panning is better than my Toshiba HD DVD player, it is smoother.  Remote is a bit plasticy and buttons hard to see in low light (e.g. difference between FF and Chapter Skip). Brighter colour on the buttons would have helped. Remote Kuro link does not work with my 6th generation Pioneer panel - which isn't a Kuro set - so don't hope that it would, like I did!

But when you get a well filmed / recorded disk the results are superb, despite the drawbacks.

till now, is still highest bits in colour compared to others brand in the market now, it has 36bit. slow start up, but it is good BDplayer. i am waiting for the next generation on BD player with Dual output that gave me direct connect to TV and AVamp instead going thru AV amp that cos the Video quatity drop.


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