BDP3000 user reviews

Philips BDP3000

Tested at £169

A solid performer at a tantalisingly affordable price


It should be the BDP3000. I'll correct it now.

Is this model correctly typed as BDP300? Instead of BDP3000? Smile

This player is now available for only £99 at Marks and Spencer.

I have replaced the Sony BDP-S360 and have no stutter/judder/frame loss issues that the Philips BDP3000 was causing.

Plus, Bonus material on discs (non 24Hz) plays much better.

The Philips also, how can I describe, was always struggling, where as the Sony seems to perform naturally. The Sony's picture quality seems more faithful. The Philips always seemed to be working hard. The audio seems better as well. Not so 'thin'.

And £131 with free P&P from Amazon...worth the extra £35 in my opinion.

It's a shame as the Philips BDP3000 was a good unit with simple menus etc but I could not cope with the video output. A shame.

You never get more than you pay for...they say.

Sadly, this player is going back. After a weeks testing I can now summarise the video resolution issues this player seems to have (well, at least when playing to a Samsung LE40A656 via HDMI)

If video res is set to auto the machine starts to play at 1080p/24 - this gives the stutter/frame loss.

For the purpose of testing...going through the other resolutions:

576/720p/1080i/1080P: all displayed at 50Hz: Unwatchable Judder

BUT PLEASE NOTE THIS: Go back to Auto: This no longer transmits at 24hz but 1080P @60Hz...which, guess a good decent picture with no stutter/judder.

But switch the machine off, the next you play a disc it starts at 24Hz. So you have to change to another resolution then back to Auto to get the 60Hz 1080p.!!!!

So, sadly this machine is going back tomorrow. Just ordered a Sony BDP-S360.

Great Blu-Ray player for the price, now at an amazing �79 in Heatons Stores in Ireland. Updated firmware simply by plugging into broadband and is now USB compatible allowing you to watch downloads on "big tellys". Quick start also improved somewhat.


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