42PES001 user reviews

Philips 42PES001

Tested at £1800

We thought long and hard about docking the Philips a star on the basis of its hefty price – but ultimately if you want a great-looking object that's also a great-looking screen, the Philips is hard to criticise


So where do you get this from as putting "Philips 42PES001" in google just gets reviews

how do you justifiably compare a �1800 TV with a �800 one there can be no true comparison owing to the cost you have compared this with the Sony 40W5500 but it is nearly twice the price and on that alone with the Sony you could go up to the 200Hzs model.

So come on lets have like for like cost for cost comparisons  

Waiting for the comparison reviews was a waist of time glad I got the Sony 40W5500 at �939 if the Philips was that then I may be impressed


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