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Philips 37PFL9603

Tested at £1500

If you like a premium product (or you have money to burn), jump right in


The Ambilight comes from two sides of the TV.

Thanks for the review. This is the one I`ve been waiting for. Guess I was hoping it would be a five star review but at the right price...

On the superficial side of things could you confirm wether the black bezel is surrounded by silver or glass? Also does the Ambilight come from two, three or four sides of the tv? Thanks.

Thanks pumbaa and Andy!

Thanks pumbaa, that`s very useful. It does look very nice I have to say. I haven`t as yet seen the Ambilight in action and I was wondering if it might not be as effective from two sides as opposed to three. I`m imagining that coming from the top also would look great. Have you seen the two different types in action?

Hi Survivor....

Do you mean the clear lip around the tv i.e.


If so i think its a clear plastic.....looks fantasic in the flesh.

From the specs the 37 9603 has Ambilight Spectra 2 which comes from two sides.

Hope that helps.

The one's i've seen are still very good with just two sides, i think they had both (not on a 9603 ) in comet + the full surround one which i thought was a bit much.

There is the 9703 which has Ambilight Spectra 3 but i'm not sure if they are making a 37 inch version.

This tv looks stunning and the review although brief was a positive one however the price comparison is a bit misleading....The Sony for aroung £1300 and the Philips £1500.

If the price is the only thing wrong with this tv  then seeing as it's easy to find this online for as little as £1144.00 then it's a winner.

I've got the 42 inch version on order and that was also under £1500


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