SC-BT200 user reviews

Panasonic SC-BT200

Tested at £400

A great Blu-ray system blessed with fantastic picture quality and excellent sound


Well at first i was planning to buy the SC-BT100 the old panasonic blu ray system but i went the lastest one that is this SC-BT200,took me about 30mins to set up but when i set it all up,My god the sound is amazing is like being in a cinema.the picture is amazing so much detail and no blur at all while watching blu ray compared to some other blu ray players on the market.

well if you want a cinema system that has best picture,best sound and a ipod dock then this is the one to have. if you want any more advice let me know.

what length are the speaker cables

How come the BT200 is 5.1 in the UK and 7.1 in the US?

I wonder whether someone could clear this up for me. This review is for the SC-BT200. The SC-BT200 is on Amazon for £475. However, the link to Amazon off this site goes to the SC-BT200 E. This is labeled as Award Winner on Amazon and costs £407. What is the difference? Is the link correct? Can What Hifi guarantee that all products with links off this site relate specifically to product advertised? Or otherwise provide a quick low down on how to differentiate between subtle variations/versions of products?

just a shame for 500 notes does nt come with speaker stands

purchased this week just waiting for the tv to be delivered then i have the joys of wiring it all up and lifting all the carpet and laying all the wires i will post up my opinions once up and running


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