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Mordaunt-Short Aviano 1

Tested at £200

The Aviano 1s sound as commanding as ever, but fall short against the new class-leaders. There is now a tweaked version called the Aviano 1XR


Angryson- Aviano 6 review in current, Jan issue, but haven't heard 2s yet. Suggest you pop across to our Forums and ask around - someone's bound to have had a listen!

I must hear the Aviano 1s at the first opportunity.

I must hear the Aviano 1s at the first opportunity.

2 times enough ?

I had the MS902i's a couple of years ago then changed to Bronze BR2's on the strength of the glowing reviews and a listen. Although I liked the BR2's I ended up still preferring the 902i's. The great reviews the Aviano 1's were getting was more than enough to tempt me back to MS. And I'm really glad I did. It doesn't bother me that they've dropped a star - they all do eventually. What matters is I've got a sound I really like and though the BR2's were good, I enjoy music more with the Aviano's. Don't worry about stars and things. What matters is how they sound to you. Give them a go and you won't be disappointed. They'll be with me for quite a while.

If these sound more like the Mezzos and less like the Avants, it's gonna be an awesome deal. Smile

I've had these speakers now for a year, and they have been pretty much perfect. The timing of the bass is great and they can deal with any type of music you want. Would have to agree that they need stands..really makes a difference.

A little help for a first time poster please, so hello all!.

Great review for the Aviano 1's but can't find a peep on What Hi Fi of the 2's.

Currently have a Sony 2400es amp and looking to upgrade the speakers I have (yes I'm planning a test if possible! for the sound test brigade). Initially thought the Messo's would be a good place to start but since it's unlikely to be all at once (didn't want to risk picking up new fronts only to have difficulty getting matching backs) and Aviano 1's are new and have been given a thumbs up they have caught my attention.

Thinking along the lines of Aviano 2's as fronts and the 1's as surround with the matching centre. The sub might have to wait as I gulp at the �400 odd price tag!.

Any thoughts would be appricated.



Thanks for the response Clare - I've spent an age looking around the web for comment and pretty much the only comment about a possible MS Aviano and Sony amp was speculation they both might be to bright together! but it seemed a little guess work.

I'm going to see if richer can demo but no 100% sure if I'll pick up on the right things having really looked into this sort of thing before.

I did see the 2's have been reviewed now and also get great comments so assuming they come with the same 'careful matching with clinical sounding electronics' tag as the 1's, would you consider the Sony 2400es a clinical sounding amp?

I have got an Onkyo 578 a/v amp and the MS Alumni 5.1 speaker package. I am thinking about changing the left and right fronts to the MS Aviano 1s to improve the quality of music playback. I would then move the Alumni fronts to a higher position to make a 7.1 home cinema.

Can anybody help me with the folowing:

1. Would this improve music playback?

2. Would the Avianos be compatible with the Alumnis for 7.1 home cinema? and/or

3. Would I better off just getting a dedicated stereo amp and speakers for hi-fi?



I just bought these for my surround speakers last week, they are coupled with my fronts Kef IQ5's, my centre Dali C1000 and my yamaha Sub driven by my Onkyo S608 and must say how impressed I am with the responsve sound, the bass has a very nice smooth feel to it with the mid range nearing perfection at any volumne.

If you have the right setup, I would advise anyone to add these to your collection.

I bought all the above from Richer Sounds Nottingham who sorted me with an excellent deal.

Adrian - Nottingham

It's interesting the reason for dropping to four stars are mentioned to be their comparison with the DM1s and BX2, which is more comparable to the Aviano 2s, in terms of price and size.



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