R90 HD10 technical specifications

What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Fri, 19 Sep 2008, 4:00pm

Monitor Audio R90 HD10

Tested at £1275

The old Radius range was great, but this new HD system is even better – our Awards judging just got harder

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Front speaker sensitivity (db/w/m) 87
Centre speaker sensitivity (db/w/m) 87
Rear speaker sensitivity (db/w/m) 87
Front speaker impedance (ohms) 8
Centre speaker impedance (ohms) 8
Rear speaker impedance (ohms) 8
Front speaker power handling (watts) 100
Centre speaker power handling (watts) 100
Rear speaker power handling (watts) 100
Front speaker biwirable No
Centre speaker biwirable No
Rear speaker biwirable No
Front speaker dimensions (hwd, cm) 20x13x14
Centre speaker dimensions (hwd, cm) 35x13x11
Rear speaker dimensions (hwd, cm) 20x13x14
Subwoofer dimensions (hwd, cm) 37x32x32
Subwoofer power (watts) 250
Subwoofer driver (cm) 25
Subwoofer cabinet type Ported/Sealed
Subwoofer drive unit orientation Downward
Subwoofer line inputs 1
Subwoofer speaker inputs 0
Subwoofer line outputs Yes
Subwoofer speaker outputs No
Subwoofer phase invert Yes
Subwoofer remote control No
Subwoofer EQ Yes
Rear speaker type conventional
Finishes 5