Bronze BR2 user reviews

Monitor Audio Bronze BR2

Tested at £230

Sounding fractionally long in the tooth these days, but still packed with talent


No need to shout OoYeltsoO! Drop those caps...

The Monitor Audio BR2s are budget speakers, but only in price.  They have an exciting, big-boned sound and are very even across the frequency range, with very good, tuneful bass for cabinets of this size.  They are capable of impressively high detail levels and soundstaging is pin sharp whether recreating a rock band or full orchestra.  

The BR2s do, however, need much higher quality electronics than you'd expect to perform at their best and solid stands (along the lines of the Atacama Nexus 6) are absolutely vital.  Good quality speaker cables are also essential.  As a minimum use Chord Company Carnival Silverscreen, but ideally go that little bit extra for Chord's Rumour 2 which really helps to bring out the many impressive qualities of these well made and good looking speakers.

Yes these are great speakers for £200 or £230. The money has been spent well on quality drivers and a good crossover for a smooth full sound, imaging is good detail is excellent and driver intergration is superb. The bass has a real kick for such a compact design and goes low with ease.

It does lack a touch of bite but in reality this makes them non fatiguing to listen to for extended periods. Compared to somewhat more expensive speakers they have a slight nasal quality to the midrange and the bass end can be a touch lumpy if not positioned correctly. Otherwise they are superb speakers.

Mine are even better now i have ripped out the rather cheap foam from inside and placed 6mm bitumen damping on all the inside walls and then filled the entire space with lambs wool. The bass is now better defined and the midrange has lost its slight honk. Detail has improved too. All for £40 and a few spare hours. Couldn't be happier!


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