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Merlin Mozart

Tested at £40

If you’re after an interconnect that will convey all the energy of your CD player, this is it


Well , having a pgd micro-electronics, it's amazing what kind of nonsense 

people believe....   Offcourse a normale made interconnect from about 40euro's a piece is better then the standard throw away parts, but the rhodium bs and pure ofc and the the fact that cables have break/run in a couple of weeks (we laugh the most about that part), because the current flows one way????   Like the electrons care.   And the tiny bit rhodium ain't gonna make a sound difference...  But believing is hearing.   If your sound gets better with a 300euro interconnect, you just bought badly build ones 


Just like music capacitors, which doesn't excist.  No capacitor technique

has been developed for audio use.  That some brands use excisting techniques and call it their music-line ,where people pay absurdly much money for. It's a rip of. And how many salesmen are educated on a high level....0,5%?   I have to say, the interconnects look great often, just like the record player from 20.000, but 60% is for the eye , which is important, but do you really think that all those engineers and prof. which don't profit f selling hi-fi gear are wrong....

Gr.richard and cables with standards length of the metric system can't be good....   0.5 metre 1 metre...    

Superb interconnect, has brought into reality how scary my system really is.

Bottleneck well and truly removed thanks to this cable. Anyone got any hearing aids Wink

I can only compare them to Atlas Equator MK2.

And between the two there would not be a'lot of difference, but there is.

That's not to say the Atlas are rubbish, after all they received 5 stars by this very website. But it is obvious.

There is a load of attack and the note sounds realistic. There is also great stereo imaging, but the Atlas had those.  

So compared to the MK2's I would have to say these are better, but only because these are happy cables.

I have changed my mind, sorry. But the Atlas sound more natural.

Better through out the range, rather than good at particular range like the upper middle. Also they seem more centered too. I would personally test both before you commit.

Merlin does not have an agent in South Africa, so I had to purchase mine over the internet, a bit of a risk considering that I did not have an oppertunity to audition before my purchase. Having received my purchase a few days ago I'm please to report what an excellent cable the mozart proove to be nestled between my Rotel RA1520 and Marantz CD6003. Thank you What Hi-Fi for the accurate review and allowing me to purchase with confidence.

I found these cables disappointing for the price, particularly in terms of build quality. They have a cheap feel to them which doesn't match their cost. I got these for �35 (�5 cheaper than RRP) and I was still disappointed. The leads feel thin. The connectors have a flimsy 'budget' feel, and most disconcertingly, they twist; which makes one feel they will break if you plug/unplug them too many times.

Sound, overall fine. But certainly no better than Atlas Eq MkII, which have a beautiful solid and hefty construction - they feel like they are built to last, unlike these Merlin Mozart. I wouldn't recommend at all.


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