UD9004 user reviews

Marantz UD9004

Tested at £5000

The best Blu-ray all-rounder yet, although the price means it's only for the fortunate few. Still, let's hope this is a pathfinder for cheaper but equally flexible players to follow


Longer reviews online is something we're considering.

Tom Moreno

If we can get our hands on both models then yes, a head-to-head between the Marantz and Denon would be fascinating.

A great looking machine and a fairly substantial review.

I wish all the online reviews were given the same treatment.

Yum yum.

Any chance that when you guys get your hands on the Denon DVD-A1UD that you could compare the two directly against each other?  Obviously the two should share quite a few similarities but I'm intrigued as to which unit trumps the other in different disciplines.


Is this better than the Pioneer BDP-LX91? because they have made improvesments to that player with frim ware updates.

Regardless of the SACD and DVD A capability.

Which has the better picture and sound?

What are the loading times for Blu-Ray?

A good review. Good things don't come cheap is a truism. You mention that the SACD and CD playback is similar to the great sounding Panasonic's SA-7S1 SACD player. Yes some similar circuits here. But can you compare this universal player and the SA-7S1 face to face in direct A/B comparison ? Some SA-7S1 subjectively maintains that their 7S1 sounds better. Please settle this controversy.

My profound apology. It should read Marantz SA-7S1 and not Panasonics SA-7S1.

The second line should read some SA-7S1 owners subjectively maintain that their SA-7S1 sounds better than the UD 9004. Sorry again.


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