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Marantz CD6003

Tested at £300

Best CD player up to £500, Awards 2010. A fabulous player that produces class-leading sonics by the vanload. Immense value for money too


Sat April 2 2011 11PM

Had mine for a few weeks now - replaced a NAD C541i that died. I'm very happy with this CD player - it gives lots of detail and clarity. I've had a go with a pen drive and I was impressed. It's a good CD player that goes well with my NAD Amp and Kef speakers.

Had a Marantz CD54 (loved it)then an NAD515 (quite loved it but missed the headphone socket) so changed to the 6003. BRILLIANT. Back to being satisfied again and with the plus of USB on the front. USB stick works great but never thought of HDD. It would be interesting to try it as I have a new unused one lying around. Connected to a Denon 1910 via Chord Crimson cable and playing through MS Aviano 1's it's sonic heaven. Switch the display off etc. Overall, another great Marantz product as per the reviews.

fantastic for the price and way above  leaves the 6003 way behind  jeff

I have been using this with a variety of 2.5" HDD and only failed with 1.

Some (usually SATA ones)initially don't get sufficient power from the USB port to spin the drive. If I use a "Y-shaped" USB cable and connect the second cable to an additional power source (usb slot on laptop or usb charger plug) it works fine.


Today tried with a 750Gb HDD and discovered following limitations:

Max recognisable partition is 250Gb and only first partition is seen. Format must be FAT32 and cluster size 32Kb.


Bought this CDP after reading a review in WHF.Very pleased with the build and sound quality.

Graeme from Superfi,Leeds has been very supportive in getting my CD6003 issue resolved and has managed to get a new replacement unit from Marantz.Thanks

My CD6003 has developed a fault and is currently under repairs with Marantz.The analogue output started giving a distorted sound although the didgital out was ok.

I replaced a NAD 515BEE with the Marantz CD6003 late last year after reading the review in WHF, on advice from the user manual and the review itself I implemented the tweaks for greater sound quality and after a running in the unit I was able to reap the benefits of this great sounding CDP, I noticed improvements in the dynamics, detail and the sheer authority in which the CD6003 presents itself.

A great buy!

Just got this today to replace my NAD C541i which is kaput and although I'm only onto my second CD the sound is incredible compared to my old NAD.

The authority, clarity and sheer musicality of this Marantz is a revelation!

It has some running in to do so things are going to get even better!

Connected to Musical Fidelity Tempest integrated amp and JMR XO-1 speakers using Monster cable. Need more than a week to have an enjoyable sound, still less clarity and rhytme than my old CEC 971. A bit of harness and rush sound that I hope will disappear along the time.

I purchased mine in Jan 2010 and have to say it was delivered with a fault. It would keep repeating tracks and eventually hang on transition to the next track. This was more frequent an issue when shuffle was used. I went back to the shop (In this case Sevenoaks Audio) and they replaced it with no hassle whatsoever. It has been working faultlessly since. It is a sublime CD player and together with the Marantz PM6003 is a pairing made in heaven.

A week before I test it with HDD of Western Digital - Model: WD Elements SE 500 GB. HDD was formated in FAT32. But it did not support the HDD. Later I tried the HDD with SONY BD Player BD370. Sony quickly recognised the HDD and was playing the saved music (wav) at a instant. Sony BD player reproduced sweet music. Rated at 80%.

I procured one in Oct'10. Presently experimenting its supports with USB drive. Pen Drive has no problem. When I connected it to Seagate Free Agent Desk External 1TB HDD, CD6003 not supported it.

Hopefully, I will see with another Ext HDD and will tell you its compatibility.  

Does this work with external hard drives?

I don't like iPlayers & stuff - just HDDs?

FAT32 or NTFS (Probably FAT32), and is there a size limit.

Can't see it moaning at a 1TB FAT32 External HDD.


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