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Logitech Squeezebox Touch

Tested at £259

One of the most affordable and flexible ways to build a multiroom system


Yes, firedog, but the review says it needs SB server on the computer on which your music is stored. It will indeed do all the things you say, but it's my understanding that if you want to stream music from a PC, it needs the software on that PC to stream the content to the SBT.

Thanks team for lovely review of the SB touch.

dont use my PC for playback with my touch. Or even with my SB3 anymore. have a NAS running SB server.

but as mentioned the touch has it built in which allows for playback from attached storage.

Thanks Firedog.

No iTunes, no sale.

Will it work with iTunes and BBC iPlayer? ('Live' and 'Play it again'.)

The review is totally wrong - the Touch doesn't need a PC running SB server. It can run independently - it has its own processor, OS, and simpler version of SB server.  You can run it without a PC, and play music either from the Web, or from SD card, or from an attached USB HD.

This is one of the main features of the Touch. I have to wonder about the review, when the reviewer doesn't even know this.

And, BTW, it doesn't work with iTunes, but you can stream BBC programming to it.

Who says it doesn't work with itunes?  You can still have squeezecentre running on your MAC or PC right? (Unless you are want to go down the router of just running it off a NAS drive).  

I have Duet, squeezecentre automatically scans my itunes, works perfectly. Add a better DA converter to run it off, this will sound better than most CD players.  

It won't play DRM protected AAC files downloaded from the itunes store granted so this is not for you if that's how you buy your music.  

I opted for a direct attach USB drive with the Touch and it works a treat. Absolutely the best way to go for a newbie, as long as you remember to buy two disks and keep multiple copies of the data (or back up the primary copy using one of the free tools available).

I was previously running Squeezecenter on a Windows Home Server Media Hub. I had a number of issues running it this way and I wonder if others experienced the same problem.

When connecting the Touch to a networked storage device running Squeezecenter - which you have to do if you are to stream from a storage system not directly attached to the Touch - you have, in effect, two copies of the database. One runs natively on the Touch, another on the NAS device (in my case a Windows Home Server on the network). This lead to duplicate entries on the touch and some idiosyncratic filing of albums and artist. In short: I had 'multiple' copies of some albums, others I couldn't find at all without using the search function.

Now, there are ways around this. You can use Meta-tagging software at the ripping stage to clean up the reference information for each file. I could do this but there are some restrictions for WHS which I won't go into here. Even then I'm not sure it would work. Perhaps there's a way of creating a slave/master relationship with the databases which gets round this problem (something else to explore).

I still use the WHS to rip the files (using DBPoweramp RIP NAS s/w). The Media Hub which does the ripping keeps multiple copies of the files on multiple disks, so I have my data safe. Once done I simply drag and drop copy the albumns across to the Squeezebox Touch - which is on the network.

I tried using Sonos before. I liked it as an interface - slicker than SB if I'm frank - but it doesn't support 24-bit FLAC (I play files over a digital connection to a Cyrus 8XPd QX, you don't want anything less with this type of set up IMHO). That and the fact it costs �100 more than the Squeezebox Touch and you still need storage and a method of control with Sonos (either their controller or an Apple / PC device which supports their controller s/w) and the SB wins hands down.

For the same money as a ZP90 you can buy a SB Touch, a 2TB USB drive and use the on screen display (or an iPad or such like, which I do though the app, Squeezepad, costs a fiver if I recall.)

In-in-all, highly recommended. Simple to use, stable and cheap. Best of all it plays FLAC at 24-bit.

Nothing else comes close for the money.              

Hi All,

Same as firedog, you don't need a server or pc as SB has SB Server loaded on board, all you need is a USB device including HD.

I am pleased to say this is the device I have been searching for to finally replace my CD Player. It's not often a product exceeds your expectations but this has.  To replace my CD player, all I wanted, and I didn't think it was going to be a challenge, was a playback device that would play back WAV (lossless)  CD Images ripped using Microsofts Media Player to an external USB Hard Drive that would include a remote and graphic display (let alone the touch Screen that this has).  And it was as easy as that, I am burning CD's to an USB HD, plugging it into SqueezeBox, and SB does it all !  Launch the SqueezeBox app in the device, it scans the HD, builds a library file on the HD, and all the folders, Art and Song Titles all come through and are easily accessed by the touch screen and remote. But most importantly the sound quality, using a coax digital out into a Marantz 7300 OSE through to Dynaudio Audience 82's the sound was pretty good.  Through some older Jamo707's even better as they have been well and truely run-in.  The sound on the Dynaudio's was a little 'bright', especially on vocals, but still close to CD Quality.  Reading another review they suggested a DAC.  And so I did. I added a DacMagic from Cambridge Audio, and WOW.  Not only was the music quality close to CD quality, it was better.  The CD player was an old DENON Alpha Processing DCM460, an oldy by a goody, and now retired.


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