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Logitech Harmony One

Tested at £140

Best universal remote, Awards 2011. Yet another swish remote from the chaps at Harmony


When our skyHD remote broke I decided to get the Harmony as a replacement. My girlfriend said "this is rather expensive, you sure its woth it?" and I said, yes, not having to search for various remotes that the kids left here or there would give peace of mind that is well worth that money.

I could not have been more wrong. Apart from the Sky HD box, none of our eqipment (Panasonic TX37P, a Pansonic DVD recorder and a Rotel CD player) was preperly in the Logitech database. Hours of fiddling and trying to teach the remote the commands, calls to the helpline and Emails followed. And I lost the will to live. My impression is that the coloured buttons on Panasonic TV remotes, which are used to change the imput, are impossible to replicate. Also, setting up anything more complexes than the most basic play/pause/record operations of the DVD recorder were a major uphill struggle and are anything but intuitive.

Logitech's tech support was very polite but could not resolve many issues. For example the Email support could not let me reply to the Emails sent to me because "the Email acount was not associated with this product", although they were Emailing me there.

Instead of saving me from an early grave the Logitech brought me closer to it... It may work with other equipment but if you own a Panasonic flatscreen TV expect hyours spent on the phone to tech support. If you want anything more than the absolute basic operations on a DVD recorder I would advise against it. Do not expect an easy out of the box experience! 

It's a good remote but for some reason it does not pick up my new Samsung LCD tv or my Toshiba HD DVD (damn blu-ray :-)as it tries to find the nearest model. Not sure why this happens but overall it's a great remote- and you will need to spend a considerable amount of time setting it up to your specifications. I would warrant a 4 star rating.

I have had this remote for a while now and I must say I am impressed. I have had no issues getting it to run any of my equipment including my new Denon 1909 AVR. Any functions not automatically downloaded to the remote via the PC can easily be learned from the existing remote. My only grumble is the lack of physical colour buttons which have to be accessed via the touch screen. You dont realise how often you press the 'Red' button. This is a far more user friendly than my previous Phillips allforone and looks great on the side in the charge cradle.

I am well pleased with it now it has been fully setup to do what I want it to do.

To get it working is no problem at all but the fine tuning takes a good deal longer.

Overall it's a nice peice of kit and I'm glad I bought it.

This remote is a bit Parsons Egg.

Having spent 3 days tinkering with it and mostly teaching it the comands from some of the individual remotes it now works really well. But using the auto set-up straight out of the box was not a good experience. I only wanted it to control a TV, DVD recorder with HDD, Amplifier and CD player. All of which Logitech claimed they "knew" on their web site.

A tip for Panasonic owners -turn "VIERA Link" off if using this remote.

If you like tinkering with gadgets, and I do, then it's a great toy and with persistance can be made to do exactly what you want. (although I am awaiting a response from Logitech tech support on one minor issue) As a solution to simplify your control of your AV for a non techie it's a bit pants.

Three stars only.

This is a really great remote, and it's so easy to set up. The last remote I tried was the Philips SRU9600, which by comparison was poor. I've also had a few OneForAll remotes which are no where near the Harmony.

The Harmony only took about 45 minutes to set up, although there are a couple of buttons I'll reconfigure later, but I'm not in a rush as they are minor.

The only problem I had setting up was using the model for my SKY box, rather than just selecting SKY and model HD, apart from that I entered the model numbers for my TV, DVD, Amp and Xbox and all worked straight away.

The idea of having activities doing the hard work is great, and makes the remote very easy to use for most of what you want to do day to day. If you want to do something more complicated, then you can go into individual devices as if you have the original remote.

I disagree with charlesr's review - it does have the four coloured buttons for SKY - but on the touchscreen at the top rather than on actual buttons, this is fine for how I use them.

Having owned the 525 for some years, the amount of 'programming' that one must go through to make it 'do' what one wants, is an absolute pain due to the dated, quirky, glitchy, complicated, poorly laid out and indeed programmed online set-up facility. (Although on the plus side, their online assistance is speedy and relatively idiot proof. I know, I am one!)To spend £100+ on a remote, only to be presented with a £2 program is still a rip-off. Although they are eventually satisfactory to use, my surround reciever remote does it all quicker and better just using the buttons as normal. A three star product - until they change their programming program.  

This is supposedly designed for all regions, although it doesn't really work as a UK remote control because it doesn't have the coloured buttons you get on Sky, freeview, Xbox360 etc., thus making it a rather pointless choice. You'd be better off with any of the other European focused Logitechs. You can still reprogramme the other buttons to do this if you must have the One. A poor choice for remote of the year in my opinion though with such a fundamental feature lacking.

I have mixed emotions about this control. Once you get it up and running it's very nice, but it is a big headache getting it up and running.

The software that you use to program the control is a web-based application, which is really quite buggy. The database that it uses to recognise your units is not 100% correct. I have a single CD player that it insists is a juke box. I would be quite happy to update the database but it wont let me. Also, when I tried to rearrange the order in which things are turned on it insisted on turning my TV on first, no matter where in the starting list I placed it. This was a pain as my TV needs about 10 seconds before it is ready to accept any other commands, so the control waits 10 seconds before issuing any other commands. By this time the remote control is quite often placed back on the table pointing in any old direction which stops subsequent commands setting up the other units.

If you can get it up and running just the way you like it, I would say it is a really nice control. If you can't, then it can be a pain. I would say it is about a 90% finished product. Come on Logitec, finish of the last 10% to make it a really good product.

All i have to say is that i have used a great deal of so called universal remote's in the past from the like's of one4all, phillip's etc but all of these were fiddly to use and i constantly went back to using my original remote control's because i just got fed up with them. But the HARMONY ONE is the best remote i have ever used, it was quite easy to set up once you knew what you were doing and it reckognised all of my equipment sraight away and all function's worked correct first time also the great thing is that i have put away my other 5 remote's because this one definatly replace's them all. Do not hesitate in buying this remote because as i have stated before this is the best and the only remote that i need and it trully is a universal remote that blow's away the competition. THE BEST OF THE BEST.


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