Black Cube Linear user reviews

Lehmann Black Cube Linear

Tested at £750

Given the right quality system, this headphone amplifier is a deeply impressive device


Anyone using this with the HD800's?

If the majority of your time is spent listening to music through headphones this is a serious piece of kit for a headphone amplifier.It does also come in black and you can get it for less than �600[I know it is a hell of a lot of money,but worth every penny].The build and finish of the amp is superb[as you would expect at that price]with variable impedance switches on the underside,to match high/low impedances and a on/off switch at the back of the amplifier also with quality input/output stages.The clarity,detail and soundstage deserve top marks,it has a valve type warmth to the sound[which may not suit everybody]but unlike most headphone amps it uses a conventional mains power lead which can be changed.For people who do not believe in the changes that mains products can make in a system,i am sorry but i do,i changed the mains lead to a Russ Andrews classic powerkord which produced even more enjoyment and involvment,listening to the remasters,Kraftwerk have never sounded so good!It is not a risk buying this amp it is a sound investment!


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