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LG BD390

Tested at £250

Better than its rivals? You’d better believe it. This is one heck of a good Blu-ray player


What a mistake! I wish I brought something else, when you try to watch a film every now and then it pauses for a second, in the worst cases after the pause you will get lip sync problems, as experienced by others in this forum.


Yes, we reckon the BDP-S760 is worth the extra over the LG. And remember, you can get the Sony for less than £400 if you shop around.


There are still LG BD390s available in some stores and Amazon are still selling them online, but it looks as if LG won't be bringing any more stock into the UK.

It looks suspiciously like a Panasonic DMP-BD55.  Not a bad machine to clone or base a machine on.  

Panasonic do make very good Blu-ray players!

The BD390 is identical in size to the BD55.  The two buttons on the top On/off (Left) and Open/Close (Right) are in the same place and the buttons are the same shape and size.  The connections on the back are also identical!

Our BD30 and BD80 machines are made in Slovakia.  I've seen a photo of a BD390 and although part of the back wasn't in the photo, it did look like Made in Slovakia too!

Err.. I'm afraid your wrong there Andy.. your link goes directly to the 390 but it does say its being discontinued. .. Can you find out more? I'm now put off of buying one a bit.

This player is now discontinued by LG.  It's a shame as it's a phenomenal player for the money.  WIFI access and USB support that means you can play HD MKV files from your USB drive is great. I know it's an aside for most people but the sound quality, sound stage, and detail are all audiophile level and I have NAIM equipment elsewhere in the room!!

You can still still get them if you try hard so I strongly suggest you do while you still can...

How does it compare to the ps3 fat version, where sound and picture is concerned, and how is cd audio.

Is it much improvement over the ps3

This player is discontinued, according to the LG web site...

Is the Sony BDP-S760 worth the extra �150 over this.

Is this better, worse or the same as the PS3 fat for sound and picture quality?

I'm so disappointed with this has so much potential and is indeed a lovely piece of kit,  but my player is let down by a lip sync issue and from time to time it loses the internet connection settings.

Don't know how I missed this in my research, but if you google 'LG BD390 Lip Sync' you'll get lots of hits.

I'm going to try to return it, either to retailer or direct to LG under warranty.

OR does anyone know of any fixes??

Can anyone tell me if this player is better than the Pioneer lx-52 for Picture and Sound quality.  Thanks


What surround sound do you recommend to go with this player and have you experienced any problems with the lip sync?



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