KHT3005SE technical specifications

What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Mon, 13 Aug 2007, 9:00am


Tested at £1000

It's back to £1000 and back to five stars, but the '3005SE might not be the no-brainer choice it once was

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Front speaker sensitivity (db/w/m) 88
Centre speaker sensitivity (db/w/m) 88
Rear speaker sensitivity (db/w/m) 88
Front speaker impedance (ohms) 8
Centre speaker impedance (ohms) 8
Rear speaker impedance (ohms) 8
Front speaker power handling (watts) 100
Centre speaker power handling (watts) 100
Rear speaker power handling (watts) 100
Front speaker biwirable No
Centre speaker biwirable No
Rear speaker biwirable No
Front speaker dimensions (hwd, cm) 25x12x15
Centre speaker dimensions (hwd, cm) 13x30x18
Rear speaker dimensions (hwd, cm) 25x12x15
Subwoofer dimensions (hwd, cm) 39x44x19
Subwoofer power (watts) 250
Subwoofer driver (cm) 25
Subwoofer line outputs No
Subwoofer speaker outputs No
Subwoofer phase invert No
Subwoofer remote control No
Subwoofer EQ No
Rear speaker type conventional
Finishes 2