KHT2005.3 user reviews

KEF KHT2005.3

Tested at £800

Another KEF-system that sounds as good as it looks - which makes it rather special


I can recommend these, bought them from Richer Sounds for £600 in black.  Great sound!

Is it my impression or at least Exceptional AV and HIFI confidential are selling this in silver for 550£....

I know this in gloss black cost around 700£ but as they announce the silver version of 2005.3 is cheaper?

I've seen some bargains with the discontinued model 2005.2 though accordingly to their web sites its the .3 their selling.

any thoughts?

Bonus if you like silver i guess...weird that you have to pay £130 more for it in black tho

Only £500 smackers from Richer Sounds if you don't mind silver.....a steal!

Now for £460 at with the Kube 2 sub

If you buy these with an Amp (such as the Denon 1910) you'l get an awsome deal. They sound awsome, very rich, clear sound and they look nice too!!


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