Podium (equipment rack) user reviews

Hi Fi Racks Podium (equipment rack)

Tested at £460

Equipment support Award winner 2011. If you want to treat your kit to a listenable rack, you must audition this


Excellent build quality , the level of craftsmanship is 100% and I have been that inpressed that I would recommend these to anyone looking for a high quality rack. 

I own these racks and I LOVE them. Service was fast, and excellent. I odered bespoke leg lengths to suit my equipments height. My Ayre DAC and ATC amp are in heaven.  Have to agree with the review here, tonally spot on. Music has a nice oragnic sound and very easy to listen to. Bass is on the money, quite hearty and full bodied. It just sounds RIGHT! They look awesome too. Will never look elsewhere for equipment support. If i add equipment, i can order another tier with leg heights to match it. too easy....


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