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Tested at £470

These could well be the finest £500 speakers you’ve never heard of


My experience: Ordered 1st April… No communication, no speakers, no refund. 


Placed my order for these on 1st April and have not received an acknowledgement yet. I have tried both email and telephone for confirmation but get no answer. Clearly there is a wait to get hold of a pair of these which is fine but I would like a nod that you have received my hard earned and are on with my order. Grrrrrrr.


Further to my previous comments I can now confirm that a refund was eventually forthcoming.

However, I still have to stand by my 29th January 2012 comments.

These speakers might be good but I don't know why customers are not complaining more or highlighting the excessively long delivery time or lack of customer service. EB Acoustics probably know how to build a speaker but they really don't have a clue about how to communicate!

I ordered a pair of EB1s at the beginning of last October, almost three months later, nothing. Of course my credit card was debited at the same time, how convenient for them to be paid upfront. I did 'phone to enquire and was more or less dismissed by "you'll be in the order pile somewhere, wait until you hear from our courier". E-mails have gone unanswered. How convenient that the delivery time exceeds Paypal's 45 days dispute time limit?

I've been in touch with Richard at EB Acoustics who has posted his phone number below, so please contact him and he'll sort things out for you.


Please contact me urgently on  01562 865788

Actually my sums are wrong, it's four months!

I've cancelled the order and they seem reluctant to refund! Beware.

I'll bring your comments to the attention of Richard at EB Acoustics.

I'm thinking of ordering a pair of EB1s and settling in for the wait. I'm wondering if there's anyone who has a pair and listens to mainly orchestral and chamber music? How do they perform?

....its approaching 11pm on saturday night and it's just dawned on me that I have had my eb1's for almost one year....i have spent lots of money lately buying  new music  simply because of my renewed enjoyment after buying the eb1's....still smiling....

Well I received these after six months and posting my concerns on the forum.They arrived two weeks ago but I couldn't even be bothered unpacking them,I was still annoyed at the drama that was required to get them. I'm sitting here on a cold,miserable rainy afternoon in Auckland,New Zealand.I unpacked them from their 'no frills' packaging thinking they were pretty boring looking and smaller in real life than I expected them to be.Like the runts of the litter.As soon as I threw my Kef IQ30's in the corner and wired these up...weell helloo babies! Straight away they made the Kefs sound dull and uninspiring,a bit like the dreary weather outside. After about an hour, and doing the 'Diamond wiring' thing with the speaker cables as mentioned in another post here,these are articulate,fast and best of all easy as hell to listen to.My foot won't stop tapping to the blues I'm listening to,and my head keeps rocking from side to side! The Kef IQ30's and my old B and W 685's are going on EBay,they just can't compete with the EB1's...and I don't say that lightly as I was quite determined in my mind that the EB1's were going on EBay if they weren't given a full 5 Stars in my own living room! Thanks Richard....they were worth the wait. Regards,Brian Johnson.

I just got my EB1. They are fresh out of the box, and both the appearance and sound promising. I ordered the speakers in January and I received on 6 June after a phone call. I have these connected to a Marantz PM6003 (2 x 45w), and first impressions are very good.

(They are more beautiful in reality than in the picture)

Thanks, Richard!

Hi all

Well I just thought Id say that now that I have had the speakers 6 months, they suddenly seem to sound absolutely amazing!

It may be my ears its true, but I dont think so. I think that they really do seem to enjoy about 6 months burning in time! I do need to switch on the loudness button on my Marantz 5004 (model down from 6003 I think) though. But the results are lovely particularly with reggae, deep house (!) etc. As a footnote, I tried the Marantz and Rotel amps with them, and thought the Rotel sounded horribly harsh. IMHO etc.


Do you think NAD 320 BEE has enough power to handle the EB1 speakers?

Thank you for your answers


After more than 11 weeks of waiting and several broken delivery promises, I have my EB1s. They're been running for something like 20 hours and all I can say is, I was expecting more for almost £500. These are my first "high end" speakers after owning some £100ers for a couple of years. They sound good and the bass in particular is far better than the speakers they're replacing, but £480? Not really. Hopefully they just have a long burn-in time and I'll post again if I change my mind!


Seem to sound best with electronic music, not so good for rock/metal.


UPDATE: After getting used to them, rearranging my room and generally tweaking things, I'm much happier. And listening to several £1000+ speakers to compare (PMC DB1i, TB2i, Kef XQ20), albeit with different kit, left me thinking that none of them compare favourably... so ignore my comments on value!

I'm about to order a pair of these but I've never had any floor standers before. Will the Partington 60cm stand fit the bottom of the speaker cabinet ? And just how important are the cables ? 

EB Acoustics website now back up and running. It's been revamped, which my be why it was temporarily offline.

Previous review removed as requested, ballhill.

The above was my original review. WOW did I get it wrong. I phoned up the company to return these speakers and the guy was great, but wanted me to try a slightly different wiring arrangement – he called diamond wiring. He said he would absolutely honour the return deal, but he just wanted to understand the issue. He told me to forget bi-wiring and to put the terminal connectors back on and wire in the plus to the tweeter and the minus to the bass. He said he would extend my trial period so I could try this. While doing this I discovered a very embarrassing problem (I had checked this three times but missed it). One of the speakers was bi-wired with the bass unit polarity reversed. Well I decided to do what he told me (diamond wiring). WOW. I love these speakers and would really like to withdraw the review above. I am working through my collection with the biggest smile on face. There is no way I would return these little gems. I am so surprised – seriously these are great speakers. Great detail, superb integration, perfect bass, supremely musical, they don’t get caught out with difficult music and they work at sensible listen levels.

To the editor: Is there any way to withdraw my previous review?

Buy these with confidence.

Dunno why this site doesn't recognise the pound symbol !! For above review read "1000 pound speakers" !!

Ok so you have to be a patient soul when ordering these speakers,mine took 3 months to arrive! However I can assure you that the wait is well worth it!! These little gems are amazing! Musical,neutral and capable of retrieving micro-detail within a recording,they are a spell-binding listen. The only caveat,as with all electrical components,is you absolutely must "burn" in these speakers before even thinking about returning them within the 30-day money back agreement!! Out of the box they sound very detailed but a little flat. However after 30-50 hours of use they will burst into life and you'll be left with the daftest grin imaginable!! Trust me these are �1000 speakers for less than half the price!!! I love them!!!

Sorry people.

I have replied to emails but, if you haven't received them, phone me. I'll be only too pleased to talk to you except sundays.

Unfortunately, the website appears to have vanished into the ether.

Following on from my previous post I'm glad that people are receiving their speakers.

These are not 'off the shelf' speakers with guaranteed next day delivery but they're definitely well worth the wait... From my own experience and every single review I've read these speakers are outstanding for the money. Four months may seem a long time to wait but these are hand-made after all.

I would recommend continuous calls until you reach them just to put your mind at ease that your order is in the system as you won't receive a confirmation from them... just your Paypal receipt.

I received my EB1s yesterday... about 8 weeks after my order...

I called them once just after sending my order though and not hearing from them but they simply use the email from Paypal as confirmation... They may not be the best at email correspondence but they certainly know how to make speakers.

They will NOT be going back. Stick with your order and be patient.

If you do want to call them probably best to try late morning... If they don't answer it's because they're building speakers in the workshop.

Highly Recommended!

I've emailed about 8 times in the past month and not had a single reply!

I'm going to go elsewhere since they don't have the decency to respond, and they obviously don't want my money!

Any word yet on the EB 2s?

How do these compare with the ACM SCM11s (at twice the price). Are they really only half as good? I would  need them to pair up with Cyrus XP and 6SE.

I agree with csfulham - none of my emails have received a reply either. Come on EB Acoustics - pull your finger out! You've got customers waiting!!

I recently bought a pair of Eb1 speakers. They didn't arrive for 12 weeks. . .So what?...I knew this when I placed my order. When they did arrive they didn't have the rounded edges that What Hi-fi describes nor did they have the logo's on the cases as per the photograph on this site....So what??.. Hmmm...So what did arrive??..A fanatastic sounding pair of speakers..Really fantastic!...I'm not an audiophile and I have avery wide and varied taste in music. These speakers handle it all... They have reintroduced my music to me and I'm hearing it all so much clearer and sharper and in a very different light than before...and so are my neighbours...I called the lads at Eb acoustics and they sent out the logos for the cases. No problems...I won't be taking up the 30 day return policy...Get your heads off the High street...Ordering niggles apart I'm HUGELY pleased with my purchase...D

Just wondering if anyone in Singapore managed to get them

I ordered a pair of EB1 speakers on 1st November & was delighted to receive an email on 25th November advising that I would receive a further email within the next day to confirm delivery.

Have heard absolutely nothing since.

No email. No Speakers.

Left half a dozen voicemail messages & sent numerous emails. Classic case of of appalling customer care. What a pity.

Will my speakers EVER arrive or should I just cancel order with paypal??

I too have placed an order for these speakers in early November after reading the great reviews.  Not heard a single thing since and still have not received my speakers. Sorry but just an e-mail to confirm what is happening and an expected delivery date would be good, even if it may be months down the line.  Did manage to get through by phone mid December only to be told they are extremely busy and the speakers are all hand made. The funny thing was they didn't even take my name and hung up before I had the chance to give it! The only thing keeping me going is the comments made. If these speakers are so popular surely they can afford to get some admin assistance!!

I also recently received my new pair of EB1 speakers.  It took 12 weeks from order to delivery, but it was definitely well worth the wait Smile

They arrived in perfect condition in Germany.  They were very securely and safely packaged in the shipping box.

They sound and look great!

After reading all the reviews I have just decided to go ahead and buy a pair of EB 1s. I know I've got to expect a long wait before they arrive but does anyone know what the deal is on getting no confirmation of receiving my payment?? Been total silence from the people at EB Acoustics despite emailing the sales team a couple of times .. the payment seems to go through another company, Arcaydis, to add to confusion.

So far so not very impressed and wondering whether to cancel the payment.

can anyone recommend a good 300 pound or so amp for the EB1s? i cant afford the Naim one that the manufacturers recommend!

I need treble - whilst the speakers are helping me discover the mids and the bottoms in my music that I had never heard, i do miss the sparkle....

I need an amp with a phono stage

I was looking at the Yamaha AS500...

Advice would be very helpful as it can be tricky to listen to much stuff before you buy, here in France.

Many thanks


Hi Lainyb,

I found that continual phone calls combined with venting your feelings here, worked.  As someone who runs my own business, shooting oneself in one's foot long term comes to mind as a business analogy. In their defence though, I would have to say that they genuinely ARE more concerned with building speakers than pleasing customers in any other aspect - the final product is beautifully built. Curious way to go about business though, as it would be so easy to get someone to answer phone and emails... Keep up the pressure, and suddenly they will be with you.

Jonathan Davies, Toulouse

I have been waiting for my speakers to arrive since the end of august. It is now nearly Xmas.

When I call I am assured that "it is well worth the wait" but the overriding feeling is that, as a consequence,  they will send them whenever it suits them. Especially as people who ordered in November have already received them. I hope they will be good - hard to recommend at the moment unless you can wait 4 months for delivery.

I have recieved several concerned phone calls from Richard at EB over the past few days, to say that they have now been posted, and also to keep me up to date with the finer details of the delivery service. Now that I have a tracking number from TNT I can say I have now been reassured that EB is absolutely NOT a scammer, which was my (understandably) original fear after such a long delivery wait.  My order did, as it turn out, slip through the net, but now all is back on track.

I am also reassured as to the power of forums like these, and the integrity of the What Hi Fi team.

Merry Xmas to all.


I received my EB'1's last week after an 8 week wait (almost to the day) without any issue as that was the expected lead time.

I must say I am mightily impressed with these little speakers. I needed to replace my Dynaudio Audience 62's for a smaller model and trialled a few different speakers including PMC DB1, Focal 807's amongst others, none grabbed my fancy so thought I would bite the bullet and order the EB1's.

For the price I can't really believe how good they are, very detailed high end but not harsh, smooth mid and and a decent low end for their size.

Quite fast and accurate musical sounding which is my preference.

If someone is looking for a nicely built, small speaker with big sound for less the £1000 you can't really go wrong with these and they only cost £470, bargain.

There maybe better speakers for less than a grand but not twice as good as the price may suggest.

I am driving with a Naim Nait 5i & Musical Fidelity DAC and turned up to less than a 3rd on the scale these thing rock!!


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