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Denon DVD-3800BD

Tested at £1500

We were impressed when this player was first tested and the Denon is still a good option. It just suffers against the new decks on the block


Yes, the Sony BDP-S5000ES is indeed the lead First Test in our March issue, out next week.

Mark111 we're there already.

Pioneer have the BDP-LX91

Sony have the BPD-S5000ES

and these are top drawer players. My copy of March's WHFSV hasn't arrived yet (postmen don't like snow, clearly!) but I believe the Sony is reviewed within.

You can now buy he Sony for £880, the Pioneer for £1450 and the Denon until they upped the price this week for £1250. So the prices are falling, and at the moment these are the top players and it's a cat fight as to who's best.

I am delaying buying a 3800 because it appears to be the only "top end" BD player available. Experience has shown that it makes sense to wait until all the major players launch their premium products so that any review can then compare like with like. Saying the 3800 is the best when compared with another Denon product (2500) half the price is almost a truism. So, come on Meridian, Naim (unlikely for a few years!)even Pioneer, Marantz, Sony and Panasonic. Lets see what BD technology can really do. Don't leave the field open to a single supplier for too long.

Oh nearly forgot, ofcourse we all want the best picture and especially the best sound, but this does not give the suppliers an excuse for not keeping up with the technology. Although it did not do the 33rpm only turntables manufacturers much harm! The point is, I suppose, not dissimilar. If you have this amount of money to spend, you don't play singles!

Have to agree totally with "Takepart."

Very eloquently put about the issues with these players.

What's even more laughable is that WHSV.continue to praise these machines on performances with carefully chosen bluray media,avoiding bdlive laden discs.

I have on the whole become quite disenchanted with the magazine I'm going to star buying "Home Cinema Choice " instead.Their reviews seem more thorough anyway

Sorry Saturday, but i have to disagree with your comments. The player was not tested with 'carefully chosen media.' We also used other discs such as Kill Bill, Spiderman, Band Of Brothers, The Dark Knight and our sample had no problems whatsoever.

Exactly feeley, I agree, if some like others here want the kitchen sink thrown in, well buy a PS3.

This thing does what's most important - great audio and video.

Feeley and Manicm. I understand that when buying a high end BD player the intention is to buy the best AV performance you can get for the price, but is too much to ask of the manufacturers to make them with up to date specifications ( ie profile 2.0 ),completely compatible with every BD disk available, and ( in the case of some Pioneer BD players ) have ethernet ports for online firmware updates?

I don't know if you have compared your Denons to other players and have used a wide variety of disks on them. I have compared high end Denons and Pioneers with lower end Panasonics and recently Sonys and have concluded that they are great when the work but are utterly frustrating when they don't.

Furthermore, the price diffrential is not borne out by a massive improvement in performance. This leads me to believe that there is no way I would pay what these companies are asking unless they offer, with the improve AV performance , the same functionality and disk compatibilty as the humble PS3 and Panny 35.

Thanks Andy for your reply.

I admit that I am not always impressed with the "high end" bluray players that I have seen to date despite knowing that when they do work they are superior to lower end players.

All too often they will not play, or freeze when playing, some of the discs they are loaded with ( eg Hellboy 2, the Incredible Hulk, Wanted and X-files - I want to believe used on a Denon DVD 2500BT )

In comparison to my own Panasonic DMP-BD35 there was a noticeable improvement ( the laws of diminishing returns apply to a degree )but the Panny played all the aforementioned BDs without any problems.

Today demands on high end BD players are greater than with high end DVD players of past years in that they need to be able to maximise bluray's potential for utilising the internet accessible extras present on an increasing number of releases.

At £1600 ( during these credit crunch days ) the 3800BD ought to be able to go into my kitchen and cook my dinner.  

This not critism of the review but it would have been great if the following questions were answered during testing the 3800D.

Which other bluray discs were used other than "Mama Mia"? Can this player cope with BD java enabled discs? Can BD live be accessed? How much of an upgrade would it be over say a Panasonic DMP-55?    

They review did explain some of those Qs it's profile 1.1 which means no BD live or BD java and yes it would be a huge upgrade over a player a quarter of the price

I must admit, the 3800 is slow, and is only profile 1.1, very slow infact , but i did not buy the Damn thing to be faster than the fastest blu ray player, and i could give a rubbish about playing interactive movie games and reaching out to a friend while watching the movie i buy or rent.... I bought the DENON 3800bdci to get the BEST picture and SOUND POSSIBLE !!! Guess what, I spent 1799.99 8 months ago and got every penny worth. It is best picture and sound available ! PERIOD> My other components are pretty darn good,, but on its own, the DENON BEST by far ! Picture and Sound. TY, Good review for why i bought this player...

I previously owned the top end Blue-Ray units and was somewhat dubious about your review on the Denon 3800BD.

However, since I bought my unit home 3 days ago, I have been bowled over by its Picture and Audio performance. When I was told that the unit is capable of bringing the ordinary DVD to near Blue-ray performance, I would have sniggered. Not anymore, it is astounding. I am not so sure about the add-ons e.g Sd Card. I found that to be cumbersome.

The main core purpose of the unit; Truly Exceptional.


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