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Denon AVR-1910

Tested at £450

An immaculate all-round performance – for the money it’s a sensational machine and extremely difficult to beat


Just want to highlight that this model doesn't memorize "channel level" setup as AVR-1909 does. Listening to stereo and multi-channel might have different subwoofer level setup, this is where AVR-1909 done its job, as compared to AVR-1910, we need to adjust the subwoofer level every time the sound mode has changed.

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Desmond R

Not familiar with that particular Jamo set-up, but suggest you look at our speaker package Best Buys for some other options.

We've found that the AVR-1910 works particularly well with the B&W 685 Theatre package.

A bit late in the day but I bought this excellent receiver only 6 months ago. It certainly lives up to it's five stars. Sound and details with movies and music are superb. I wasn't sure at first as my old Sony 1200es seemed to sound just as good. This might have been down to running the digital coax (Profigold)with the Sony from my Marantz 6003 cd and analogue(Crimson)with the Denon but I know it is better now. However,it's a pig to set up - mainly due to the Denon-speak manual and I don't think I'm getting the best out of it yet. I've now downloaded a 'dummies' version of the manual written by a human being which is much easier to understand. Denon make brilliant machines and lousy instructions which is a shame as I'm sure there are more people like me who are running a 1910 - but not to it's best abilities. Buy one and then go on a degree course!

Hmmm, i wonder if this will fare well against the Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K ???

"HDMI Video out: 3" in the Tech Specs doesn't seem right


I have had the 1910 for a just couple of days, combined with a pair of a wharfedale Diamond 9.5, a pair of 9.1s and the Diamond CS, Plus a PC10+ Powercube SW, and the reults are incredible, no wonder the Amp, is product of the year great controls, upscaling through HDMI, Deep bass and very crisp midrange and bass. With the 1910, there is much more than meets the eye, the look will not compare to other brand such as marantz, but it sounds relly great.

I bought a 1910 back in oct and at first was very frustrated and a little disapointed considering the rve reviews it was getting in the press. this was mainly due to the denon encoded manual which confuses rather than helps. however after some perseverance and playing around with the amp and doing a bit of tweeking (both iwth the amp and blu-ray)well............. wow oh my god it just blows your socks off, almost as good as sex in pure direct mode. this bad boy is one lound very crisp and clear amp with beutiful sound staging, buy one now and you wont regret it but your wife wont talk to you (bonus hey!)and your neighbours will shout at you ( but that dosnt matter as you will be deaf and very happy by then). in all a bargain at £450 quid.

Compared with my marantz SR7200, this denon machine has a splendid timing, clear soundstage, clinical reproduction of sound. It lacks sonic punch that I hope his bigger brother 2310 will have. With 2CH music it lacks a rounded bass line though if compared with other amps but on a different price class (ie, Marantz). Excellent value for the price.

Hey TomSawyer!

Guess I can answer your first query at least. Recently got the 1910, and connected my (non-HD) sky box to the 1910 using scart-RCA cable, and then 1910 to my 42" plasma using HDMI. I dont think there is any noticeable improvement in the picture quality in the current set-up.

However, I'm a HT newbie, and maybe I've (unknowingly) got the 1910 configured to pass through the video signal as is (i.e. without any upscaling). Batpig suggests 'leave all settings at default', which I did for my setup, and am getting no upscaling at the moment.

I bought this to use with a set of Kef-QunQ custom install speakers that perform front & read duties, with a Kef-C100 for the center, and two REL Strata II subs.  I love the sound, BUT:

When the volume is cranked up a little, it clicks off - as if the protection circuit has cut-in.  I've systematically listened to each speaker one by one, then added them back one by one and the amp can drive to an outstanding level.  It's when I have the two fronts connected that at moderate levels it again cuts out.

The Sevenoaks dealer was very helpful - setup my amp in his shop and we tested it there - it worked fine!  Brought it home, and yet again it's behaving badly!

This is a real shame as I really like the sound, but if I can't listen at a little more than moderate sound level, where's the fun?

I'm probably going to borrow a 2310 & see if he beefed up power supplies in that are better at my desired listening volume.

I'd say having had my experience, proceed with a little caution & DO use a decent Hi-Fi dealer who won't leave you high & dry...

I'm considering to get either the 1910 or the 1610 Denon model. Apart from the output power the main difference seems to be that the 1910 offers video conversion (upscaling?) of composit video signals. Two questions if anybody could help:

Would the video conversion improve the picture quality of a non-HD satellite reciever similarly to the upscaling of a DVD?

Apart from the multiroom stuff and the obvious 5.1/7.1 channel issue, are there any other major differences between the two models?

Thanks for any good advice.

This replaced my ageing Sony STR-DB930 which was a five star product a few years back. Boy, have times moved on this is a stunning product, sound detail is absolutely amazing via Sky HD.

I love the three "Quick Select" buttons on the front. I have this set up for my KEF 1005 Sub/Sat setup in my lounge while the second select button is for music via an Apple TV that I use as a music server to play music in my dining room via some elderly Mission floor standers. So simple multi zone that remembers all settings from when last used.

Big thanks to Salisbury HiFi who let me try this out at home on a free return basis as I wasn't sure that it would fit my HiFi cabinet. It was close I have to say !

Best Buy for sure at this price

Hi guys,

Please can i get some advice.

I've bought a Denon AVR-1910 and it was recommended that I get the JAMO S606HCS3 speaker set.

Please can you guys opinion on this combination. Your assistance is appreciated.



Awesome amp, sounds brilliant. A little hard to set-up though as the manual is a bit tricky and the UI could be better. Once you get it going though it's a brilliant bit of kit. As below it will cut out like any Denon amp if it detects a problem with your set-up, usually due to wiring, it protects your amp from damage.

Would recommend!

I am very pleased with this. It sounds great. There are a few issues that prospective buyers need to be aware of.


* Analogue sound in 'pure' mode is great.  

* Musical instruments can be pinpointed in the sound stage with ease.

* Loud and powerful

* Easy to use - three buttons are all that's needed (power, source, volume)

* Lots of inputs and output channels

* The options for the sound scene are great.  I do not use a centre speaker, and you can tell the amp that this one doesn't exist.  It can then send centre data to the left and right and nothing is lost.  My last 5.1 amp was not this smart and I lacked the middle channel's data.

* HDMI video can pass through the amp from the source to the TV even if the amp is on standby


* The "zone two" feature only works for analogue inputs.  So you cannot send the sound of your digital sources to a second zone.  That's just lame.

* I don't know whether it's the digital decoding of the amp, or flaws in my digital source, but I can notice a difference in audio quality when comparing an analogue CD with a 320kbps MP3 sent to the amp via HDMI.  Analogue is noticeably better.

* When an HDMI device turns on or off, it mutes the sound for a moment, even if that source is an output device.  For example, if my media centre is sending music to the amp, and I turn the TV on or off, the sound from the amp cuts out for just a second while the amp talks to the TV.  That's silly.

* You can't get HDMI video passthrough without first turning the amp on for a moment.  

* Lots of people moan about the remote but my only problem is that the button for the sound modes (pure, PL IIz, NEO, stereo, etc) is on the back.  Move that to the front, in place of some other button, and the remote would be perfect.

* The bi-amping capabilities are limited.  It would be far better to offer the ability to cross-over internally before the power amp stage, and have each of the amps operate on a different part of the spectrum, rather than sending full-spectrum signals to both pairs of amps and letting the speakers' crossovers do the work.  


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