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DALI Lektor 1

Tested at £250

Talented and urbane, the Dalis will continue to win admirers – but their limitations have been thrown into stark relief by some compelling new competitors


To Tommy Gun Mabye the lektor 2's weren't burned in some say 50-100 hours or different speaker cable

Sounds very promising !

Curious if the Lektor 2 is just as good.......

Superb speakers that will blow you away. Great clarity, detail, timing and such an involving, open and dynamic sound from such small cabinets. If you want boomy bass look elsewhere. The bass is tight with plenty of detail and is not thin or tinny at all. Well worth a listen and certainly deserve a five star rating.

just bought these to replace my old wharfdale 505.2 's

they were just too big. they are superb.  a little lacking in the bass department but at a fifth the size im not disapointed. my nad 320bee drives them well. oh and of course the wifes happy the big black wharfs and stands have gone

Up to their reputation definitely. Replaced my old Goodmans on my new Denon RCD-M37DAB. Woouaaouh ! So detailed....as much as my SD5s in the lounge. Bass a bit behind indeed but hey they're bookshelve boxes. Delighted.

My local hifi shop had two speakersets in store, the Lektor 1 and the B&W 686. They gave me the opportunity to test them at home over the weekend. As I have a REL subwoofer, I don't care much about the lowfrequency range and that is the reason that I am looking for very small-size cabinets. Extensive listening tests (without the subwoofer) revealed to me that the Lektor was just a bit more transparent and gave a more pleasant bass than the B&W.

I'm very impressed with the quality of such a small speaker. It's even smaller than the B&W and also much cheaper (€ 340 versus € 450 per pair).

My experience complies with the review of both speakers which gives me full confidence that buying the Lektor is the right choice.

I've just done a back to back comparison between the Lektor 1 and 2 speakers. I've owned the Lektor 1's for over a year now and have been very very happy with them . I compared them to lots of speakers before finally settling on the Lektor 1's (as per a previous post) and I've never had any regrets. Recently I had the notion to replace them with the Lektor 2's because again WHF rates these with five stars. So I went down to my local hi-fi dealer and tested them back to back with the hope of eventually buying the 2's. Let me tell you how disappointed I was with the 2's and even the shop assistant could not believe his ears. The Lektor 1's are far superior in the higher frequencies, the treble is detailed, clear, crisp and seperation is great. The midrange is good and the bass is tight. The Lektor 2's have a slightly deeper low end and warmer midrange but the 1's still sound far superior. The higher frequencies on the 2's are disappointing, not as open, detailed and clear as the 1's. I was expecting the 2's to blow away the 1's but my my how wrong I was. I will be happily keeping my Lektor 1's for years to come. They seem to be getting better and better and the sound is superb for such a small speaker. Go listen to them and be amazed because they truely deserve 5 stars. Let your ears be the judge and don't just take my word for it.

I forgot to add that both speakers have the same tweeter and the shop assistant and I were expecting similar results for the higher frequencies but with better midrange and low end for the 2's. However when it comes to sound the 1's sound far more open and detailed compared to the 2's. I feel sorry for the chap in a previous post who bought the 2's on the basis of the WHF rating and was extremely disappointed with them. I use a REL Quake to fill in the lower frequencies and am delighted with the sound from my Denon DM37DAB unit for my office. This is not my main Hi-fi but sounds great in my home office. I honestly don't know why WHF has dropped the rating of the 1's to 4 stars and gives the 2's 5 stars when it should be the other way round.

Another vote for the Lektor 1 over the 2. I demoed both at a well known retailer on high-end Cambridge gear and it was not even close, the 1's were lively, balanced and musical while the 2's were just mush.

I've got them at home with a V-DAC / NAD 521i and an old Kenwood 2030SE amp and I'm very happy. The built-in wall mount works very well (Dali recommend wall mounting rather than stands, so that saves a packet on stands as well as space in the living room), and with the rubber feet or blutac on the back the bass tightens even more and just sufficient to hear the instruments without annoying the neighbours and sending vibrations through the whole house. I was considering adding a sub but don't think it really needs it for general listening.

The only note of caution is that they are harder to drive than the 2's and need a fairly powerful amp to get the best out of them (40-100W is Dali's recommendation).

I'd be curious to know what What Hi Fi thinks is a better, newer speaker in the same price bracket. The B&W 685 comes up, but it is significantly more expensive and even then, a matter of opinion which of those two is better.


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