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Cyrus CD 8 SE

Tested at £1200

The clang the gauntlet made when the CD8se threw it down is still resonating


I sympathise, and can only say this is another example of arrogance amongst hifi manufacturers which is in danger of killing off the industry. I'm looking to replace my classic (15/20 year old) Linn Active system which developed problems with the crossovers so some channels were missing from the mix and it had to be pumped up to about 60 on the volume of the remote control before it could be heard. Linn's response? 'Buy another unit from us and it'll sound better than your old one.' The total worth of the system was in the region of £10000, and this was after my beloved £2000 Kremlin tuner died on me and I was told 'They don't make the PCBs for the Kremlin any more so we can't repair it.' Or, to look at it another way: they don't make the PCBs for Kremlins any more because Linn didn't ask them to! The dealer I bought the system from no longer deals with Linn because of this attitude and won't deal with Cyrus for similar reasons. They assure me that if I'd bought a Naim, Quad or Meridian system instead of the Linn it would all still be serviceable and repairable, so I think I'll have to go to them for my next system!

Not worth buying if the transport can not cope     Disbeliever

If WHF-S&V's policy is to base reviews SOLELY on sound quality to the ignorance of all else, then the CD8se is VERY worthy of the 5 stars that it has been awarded. However, the review (Nov 0cool states "Occasionally certain discs, usually CD-Rs, don't load first time, though in most cases reloading the disc does the trick".

In light of these disc-loading issues and the fact that the CD Player costs £1100, it is not logical to give the player the maximum 5 stars when it has such flaws of operation. If I'm going to be paying £1100 for a CD Player, I expect it to load EVERY disc FIRST time WITHOUT FAIL!

Send back to Cyrus and the software upgrade will sort out any fussy disc quality issues. They pay all carriage as the terms of the warranty.

got one about 5 days ago and I have tried about 50-60 discs.All have loaded first time.Also loaded CD-R's without a problem.Oh yes,and they all sounded stunning. Believer.

I still haven't had any loading problems with mine.Perhaps the one they reviewed was an early model?

What amp would WHF recommend for this?

Thank the Lord.  Couldn't wait any longer and have sent my much loved 8x for an upgrade to 8se.

Now I can sleep at night.

Bought one two days ago, as of today it wont load any discs.

....furthermore agree with 5 stars for sound  - it is amazing- but feel as if I am providing free Alpha testing given the number of loading problems I read about.  The dealer has not heard of this problem...mmm

Bought a new Cyrus SE transport with DAC in mid Oct- worked well for about week with occasional double attempt to load disk- now spitting them all out!

I purchased my Cyrus CD8 CD Player in 2004. I returned it for warranty repair due to constant “Disc error” readings. It finally gave up the ghost in March this year and was advised I probably needed a new carrier at around £300. I have used Quad equipment for over 30 years without a problem but I guess that’s another story. Cyrus offered an upgrade for £350 to the new CD8SE but said I would have to wait until August for the replacement kit  (4 months without CD player). I then started to hear of loading problems with the CD6SE and spoke to Peter the MD at Cyrus. I explained that I thought it unfair that I was being forced to upgrade because of a basic failing in his kit. He told me that the problem was with Philips and not Cyrus and that the new CDSE had solved the carrier problem. When I told him my Quad kit didn’t need replacing after 3 and a bit years he arrogantly replied “electrical kit is like a light bulb you never now when it is going to fail”. (Cyrus £1100…light bulb 29p).

I have now had my CD8SE and I have to say the sound is superb but it has constantly required me put the discs in two or three times for them to be “read”. Last night it completely packed in and just shows constant “disk error”. I will take it back to the dealer but I really don’t know what to do. If they repair it how long will the repair last? ( as long as a light bulb?) My advice is do not purchase this kit until the problems are fully resolved and don’t expect any sympathy from Peter.

I bought it several months ago, after listening to several other players including Cyrus CD6 SE, NAD's, Rega, Cambridge Audio, Naim... The 8 SE is worth the extra cash over the 6 SE. It finds lots of detail on my CD's that i've never heard before. Bass weight is impressive, and voices are really clear. I've had a few disc errors, but when i put the disc in for the second time, it always works. Except 1 disk (Joe Gideon & The Shark), i then copied the disk, changed the names of the songs and switched the first and second song, and voil�: problem solved! Strange, but true, maybe it has something to do with the "&" sign in the name (i removed that), or with the first song on the disk (later this was the second song and played fine).

This CD player is so good for its money, that i couldn't care less for the few disc errors... very much recommended

History.  My Cyrus was bought as a CD6 about 2 1/2 years ago.  After about a year I started to get the Disc Error message more and more often until it ceased to accept any CDs at all.  So I sent it back to be fixed and at the same time upgraded to CD8x spec.  No charge to me for the fix, just the upgrade, and I was happy with the notably better sound quality.  Another year or so passed and the same thing started to happen again.  Back to Cyrus for a fix and, yes, upgrade to CD8SE.  No charge for the fix, just the upgrade.  You can see the pattern developing .... have Cyrus hit on a great business model here - built-in failure equals constant up-grade revenues?  We'll see how the player now fares.  I hope there's an improved model before/if it fails again!

Still, I'm sufficiently sold on Cyrus sound quality and service to have bought an 8VS2 plus a PSX-R to replace my recently deceased NVA 20 integrated amp.  That lasted from 1987 until 2008 and survived six international house moves.  I'm still using my 1988 Ruark Accoustic Sabre speakers on Heybrook HBS1 stands - I might get round to an upgrade one day but they still sound great.

Happy listening all!

Update: not a single 'disc error' load failure in 12 weeks of use since se upgrade, so I'm happy so far. And DO buy a PSX-R if you have a Cyrus CD player, the improvement is similar to the upgrade from CD8x to CD8se - I was a bit skeptical until I heard it, but what a difference!  

I purchased mine 2 weeks ago. The sound is excellent, lots of detail and very musical. Noise is virtually non-existent, the music emerging from an inky blackness that is different to analogue; but it has the coherence and timing of a good analogue source.

I have experienced a couple of disc read errors which were not repeated when the same disc was reloaded.

I have received another CD8SE and all is fine so far. The exchange of the players took 11 days, so that's not too bad!

After first a faulty CD6SE and 2nd a faulty CD8SE, I would like to mention the prompt service given by Cyrus and my dealer Lintone Audio in Gateshead.

My previous comment, about when I press the fast forward playing mode, and then it's jumping forwards and backwards in playing time, does only happen when the player is set to remaining time left and not running time.

I was able to replace a just over a week old faulty CD6SE (see 'Your Opinion') for a new one, and took advantage of this to upgrade to the CD8SE. I still want to believe in the technical quality of Cyrus CD-players like their high audio quality, but..., from the start the player is making an 'unhealthy' loud clicking noise, when it returns to the stop or repeat mode after playing a disc.

I have written to Cyrus and my dealer to find out what to do next, but I am getting very p. off!

Will be continued...

I'm not sure if I have received a brand new replacement CD8SE on January 18th. It looks new, but the batteries were already in the remote and there was no registration card in the box...!?

But I don't really mind, as long as the player is working proparly, although I had 3 disc errors in 3 days already and that with new discs..., after re-loading it was okay.

The CD8SE is used in the following set-up:

Ecosse NuDiva Interlinks,

Creek OBH-21SE headphone amp.,

Danell STL6 Netfilter,

Denon AH-D7000 headphone.

The audio quality is like my previous CD6SE, top class. Better..., I don't know, it's hard to tell when I can't compare them in an A/B set-up.

I have to stretch though that it's DISPLAY MUST BE SWITCHED OFF, only then there's a top class sound. If you don't, there's just an average upfront, flat soundstage with weak bass performance.

With the display off, the soundstage is all opening up and bass is full and deep (if recorded off course).

One performance aspect beats the CD6SE though by miles (maybe because off anothere fault on that player?).

Cd-Roms recorded on my Pc in full Cd-quality, sounded dreadful on the CD6SE, but are/were always sounding fine on my Denon Dvd-3930 player.

On this CD8SE, the Cd-Roms are also sounding fine, so it's a mistery to me...

This is an update on my review of January 22.

The Cd-Roms recorded on my Pc in full Cd-quality still sound fine on this player, but in many songs it misses 'bits' now and then and that makes it very unplessand listening!

The fault correction of this player must be very sensitive, because on 4 other various players I have tried out the discs and all goes fine.

I know it might also tell me something about the quality of my cd-rom burner, but it still sucks, because I have a lot of compilation discs recorded by me...!

UPDATE ON: January 7, 2010

The loud click remains and is heard when the player stops after playing roughly more then 30 minutes of a disc, if it's less, there's no click.


It's loading a disc, but stays in that mode and does not go any further.

It's in playing mode, but does not start playing, either at the beginning of a disc or when I want it to play a certain number.

When I press the fast forward playing mode, it jumps forwards and backwards in playing time.

I have informed again both my dealer and Cyrus about these problems and returned the player.

I still want a CD8SE, if they can assure me that it's brand new, fully checked and in 100% working order, if not, I want to be refunded.

I'll keep you informed...

I had lots of problems: discs not loading, not able to play hybrid cd/sacd discs, standby switch not working. Have now returned the unit for a full refund.

Have purchased a Moon CD-1, no problems with this and superb sound.

Have just taken delivery of one, great sound but the transport problemes persist. Will not play some CDs from little known outfits like Sony, discs load with error messages or disc loads but transport does not know it's the "No CD" message.

Sound is very good but the transport problems probably mean it will be changed for something else as not being able to play all your collection on one player is just not a practical outcome. Will send it back for another try but sounds like the problems continue with "Servo Evolution".

Update to my post concerning disc errors.

Kept the player 'til run-in but a second fault evolved as it sounds like one of the DACs went wrong. Taking the digital out via a Cyrus DAC in the pre-amp , their brilliant Pre XPD QX, returned the sound quality.

I'm a Cyrus fan and will keep persevering as the musicality is just brilliant, and you need to spend thousands to get better.



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