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Cyrus 6XP

Tested at £925

Stereo amplifier Product of the Year, Awards 2010. There's not much to get excited about with its looks, but the 6XP's sound will have you clicking your fingers


thats because into 4 ohms it delivers twice the power output as most speakers are 8 ohm inpedence you are fortunate

I have a 6 but it must be the prior generation as it doesnt have the screen in the middle. The specs are the same(ish) as mine, my comment here is this thing is so much more powerful than the 40 watts spec. Hi-Fi mags are allways saying power specs dont mean much but I have one of these units bi wired connected to 4ohm totem Arro speakers which are rated at 80 watts, yet there is no way I can turn the volume knob past half way or the speakers will literally explode, actually they just cut out for a while completely overloaded. Interestingly mags sometimes say a good amplifier can power anything and its cliping which hurts the speakers, well either this amp is not good or its much more powerful than you think cause the Totems are blown away by it. Now when listening below half way it is absolutely amazing, a beautiful combination especially for vocals which are stunning.

I'd like to match the XP up with the ATC SC11s, a combination recommended in What Hi-Fi, but I'm worried that it'll under-perform, given that the XP delivers only 40 watts per channel, and the ATC SM11s are said to need 100 Watts. It seems strange to recommend a pairing if this were so but does anyone have any feedback? Thanks.


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