What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Sat, 28 Mar 2009, 4:00pm

Chord Company SuperScreen

Tested at £65

A mains cable that focuses on the nuances of music and delivers picture quality that's vibrant and clean

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  • Purity of sound
  • vibrant and clean picture


  • Nothing

The SuperScreen uses the same dual foil shields that you'll find on the company's Award-winning Carnival SilverScreen speaker cable.

Hook it up to your hi-fi and the lead gives your system superior solidity. The £30 premium over the Clearer Audio Copper-line Alpha gets you a slightly more mature and refined sound.

There's a greater purity to audio and the cable focuses more on the nuances of music.

This transfers to image quality too with a vibrant and clean picture. If you have system components costing £500-£1000, this is the cable for you.