Aurora 6 user reviews

Atacama Aurora 6

Tested at £160

Stylish, brilliant performers – the days of the ugly speaker stand may well be numbered


I have my PMC DB1is on them and they sound just excellent. They look unusual (not speaker stand like) which is a great leap forward, but they are less stable than a 4 spike stand so if you have small kids maybe not a good adea. Going to fill them with atabites and look forward to further improvements

I have these stands with a pair of PMC DB1i speakers. They sound good together. Mine are filled with the optional Black/blue filling (like the above photograph) and don't look outrageous at first glance. They do, however provoke much comment after a double take. If you want something a bit different then they are well worth a look.

But beware, the glass base plate is teardrop shaped with only three spikes. This is stable enough on a hard floor or with thin carpet, but if you have dense high quality carpet with a substantial underlay, then stability is a problem, especially if you have children. The gel pads are also not that sticky so I'd suplement them with some blu tack to anchor speaker to stand.

Could someone possibly tell me whether or not these stands would be suitable for EB Acoustics EB2's?  



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