iPod Nano 8GB user reviews

Apple iPod Nano 8GB

Tested at £115

Class-leading in every respect, this is our ultra-portable MP3 player of choice


This Ipod is my favorite one Apple has made.  I love that it's small and it has a touch screen! My favorite part was that it had a clip!! So I could clip it easily to my top and I could run as fast as I wanted and it would stay put (I hate arm bands) and because of its small size I would never feel it bouncing around. I hope they make one similar to this one in the near future I am not too happy with the latest one that came out!! 

This is a fair review, however, in my opinion, it misses out on one fundemental flaw for the 6th generation nano, one that can be quite easily found if you google and browse some user forums.

In general it is a fantastic bit of kit, unbelievable really what has been crammed in - plus, while not a "hi-fi" component, the Nike+ compatibility works well.

I bought the nano to go running with and as mentioned before, it is excellent - excepting the volume levels.

It goes without saying that you should ditch the supplied headphones for some of your own choice. The What hi-fi reviews should help you there.

I tried the nano with my trusty CX300s, ATH ES-55s, HD600s and iGrados.

The results were the same for all, including the supplied pair - the volume just didn't go high enough to use outside where there is background noise. For me living in a rural area it was simply traffic, but I can only imagine he problem being worse in a city centre. I am in no way hearing impared by the way.

Upon browsing the internet it seems the European versions have a fairly low maximum volume setting due to some particular legislation set by Brussels.

I loved the device, but this meant it had to go back.

If I get chance for a US import Iwill happily get one again.

My advice is to most certainly try before you buy.

Excellent device let down by volume limit and "standard" headphones.


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