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Acoustic Energy Radiance 1

Tested at £600

The Radiance 1s sound entertaining enough but they’re too rough around the edges to land the full five stars


Hello! I was initially after neutral speakers like Monitor Audio BX2 or Boston A26, both reviewed here.I have the legendary HK 6550 amplifier that tends to be warm ( I bought it for this, as I hate bright sound ), and the Arcam rPac, using my PC as a FLAC player.Now I can buy the BX2, the A26, or the ex-demoed Radiance 1 for roughly the same price, and use them 10cm from the rear wall at my desk ( no chance for stands in my small room).Which speakers would you recommend? The ex-demoed Radiance1 should be better, as their MSRP is quite higher than the other two and in a different league...

The Radiance 1s would certainly deliver the most detailed and exciting sound of the three speakers you've mentioned. 

Do you think this would be a good match for Marantz M-CR 603?

Yes, although you don't necessarily need to spend that much. For example, the Dali Zensor 1s at £180 are a good match.

Hi there, 

I am at the same boat as you. I have been using 601s for almost 20 years now with MF e10 amp. And they work really well together for me, I am planning to buy the MF M3i as an upgrade and lot of people are recommending AE R1.

Could you tell me a little more about them. If they need a lot of room at the back and also how do individual instruments sounds in an orchestra if all the instruments get thier respective space


These speakers are fantastic.  They have a warm, lively sound, punchy bass, and clear and precise treble.

I bought these as an upgrade to my much-loved B&W601s, which have a nice tone and fast, punchy bass, but perhaps lack a bit of sparkle at the top end.

The Radiance 1s are a worthy upgrade and I am very pleased with them.

They look fantastic too, with magnetic grills, gentle curved sides and a high quality finish that makes them look like they are made of wood (unlike B&W 601s, which now look very dated).

[Naim Nait amplifier and Naim CD 5i CD player]


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