Ultimate Guide to New Technology 2009 on sale now

4 Dec 2008

Ultimate Guide to New Technology 2009
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The What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Ultimate Guide to New Technology 2009 goes on sale today, December 4th. It's jam-packed with essential reviews of the year's hottest new kit.

It includes everything you need to know about the latest portable media players and media phones, plus tests of iPod docks, music servers, media players, televisions, games consoles, high-def set-top-boxes and Blu-ray disc players.

We've also included our recommended system combinations, plus tests of all the essential extras you'll need to make the most of your equipment.

Inside you'll find in-depth tests of over 140 products, including all-new reviews of the Nokia N96 'phone and Sony's PSP3000 handheld games console, the fabulous new Pioneer KRP-500 plasma, and the AVA RS3 and Sooloos music servers.

We've also run the rule over Linn's outstanding Sneaky Music DS media player and the brilliant iO Play in-car iPod hi-fi system.

In a special feature, we tell you how to make the most of your digital music, covering everything from basic set-up tips to installing a NAS box and creating a wireless music system, and we also take a peek at the internet-driven future of TV broadcasting.

The What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Ultimate Guide to New Technology 2009 is on sale now priced £4.99 – you can find it in Asda, Borders, Sainsburys and WHSmith.

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jamesf348, it's nothing to do with Sony vs Microsoft or PS3 vs Xbox as a games console... We're a home entertainment magazine and are reviewing both products first and foremost in that context. And there is no doubt that the PS3 is superior all-round entertainer than the Xbox.

And yes, we agree the PS3 isn't the best BD player. But then most BD players can't stream music and movie content, offer internet access, or play games....

It all depends what you want your box to do!

I must get something off my chest. Ive just purchased the 09 ultimate guide, and read the xbox 360 review and ps3 review, and im a bit miffed. Before i go on, I own both consoles. At the end of the 360 review, it says " its hampered by its average movie download services". Lets get this straight. Its a GAMES CONSOLE. And whichever way you look at it, as a games machine, it trounces the PS3. I've got one game on the ps3 (formula 1), and thats about one of 5 games on the ps3 thats any good. Xbox live, is a far superior service over ps3 online. Yes the ps3 plays blu rays, but my dmp bd30, is a far superior player, and cost 100 quid less. Looking at all the other Sony reviews over the past few months, I cant help in thinking that if the xbox had a sony badge on it, it would probably get 4/5 stars instead of the 3.

And talking of Sooloos music servers... the company's just been bought by Meridian. Full story to follow!