Sony to sell limited edition 160GB PS3

22 Aug 2008

Sony PS3
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We've already reported on a new 80GB version of the PS3 coming to these shores on August 27th (£299), and now there's news of a special edition 160GB model due out in Europe on October 31st.

It will be bundled with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and sell for 449 Euros (£355) in Europe and $500 in the US. No direct UK prices have yet been announced, and it could be higher than the figure we've given here.

In the US, the 160GB model will come with a voucher for the PlayStation network game Pain; European buyers will instead receiver vouchers worth around 70 Euros (£55) for downloadable content.

"Consumers are utilising PS3 as an entertainment hub for their digital media, placing content such as their entire music collection on the hard drive," says Jack Tretton, the man in charge of Sony's US games division.

The limited edition PS3 was unveiled at the Leipzig games conference, along with a wireless keypad that works with existing PS3 controllers and can be used for touch typing.

Sony is also introducing an upgraded version of the PlayStation Portable, the PSP3000, with a higher contrast ratio on the screen and a built-in microphone for use with the built-in Skype functionality. The PS3000 goes on sale from October 15th for 199 Euros (£160).

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They are so easy to upgrade that people will be better off buying a 40gb model and upgrading themselves if needs be. As lee37 said, it tells you how to do it in the manual and it doesn't effect you warranty. The price will have to suit if it's to sell well.

Does any of the specialists here know if the 80gb PS3 has the 65nm RSX Gpu? Sony has certainly talked about this new feature which reduces heat and power consumption but i cant see it anywhere on the box and manual of the 80gb PS3.

i bought a 60gb ps3 when it first came out and upgraded it straight away to a 120gb hdd.

all you need is a 2.5 inch sata hard drive and the instructions are in the ps3 manual.

you can get a 320gb hdd for £62.

so whats the point

I don't know.. Spain wins Euro 2008 and Wimbledon PLUS gets the new PS3 first (and the new Pioneer KURO LCDs,  a Forum poster mentions). Pah!

The 80GB version is on sale from today (at least in Spain) Wink