Sonos revamps its multiroom system

5 Aug 2008

Sonos BU150
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Sonos is boosting the appeal of its wireless multiroom system with the arrival of new ZonePlayer units, featuring enhanced performance and more compact dimensions, a value-for-money two-zone package and upgraded system software including £100 of free music downloads.

The two new players are the ZonePlayer 120 and ZP90, the former having its own built-in amplification, the latter designed for connection to existing hi-fi and home cinema systems.

Delivering 55w per channel, the £349 ZP120 is described as the company's smallest, lightest and most powerful amplified ZonePlayer yet.

Its fanless design means it operates silently, and like the £249 ZP90 it works on an upgraded version of the company's SonosNet wireless mesh technology. SonosNet 2.0 is also back-compatible with existing ZonePlayer models.

The two ZonePlayers are available together with the CR100 wireless controller in the £699 BU150 bundle, which like the individual components goes on sale today.

Also new for the system is Sonos System Software 2.6, which is also available as a one-button download for all existing Sonos systems.

The new software allows up to 65,000 tracks to be accessed from local servers, supports NASBasic firmware to allow over 15 brands of NAS devices to be used as a local music source, and operates with Apple Mac OS X Leopard.

In addition it comes with free access to three DRM-free albums from, 50 DRM-free downloads and one audio book from eMusic, and ten full concerts from That's a package worth a total of £100.

Want to know what we think of the new Sonos BU150 system? Click here for our exclusive online review.

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I hardly think removing the downloads would reduce the price of 'the thin' that much - after all the free downloads are essentially promotions for the sites from which they are accessed.

I can see what 1R is trying to say. Why would Sonos give £100 worth of music downloads for free and sell the thin for £249 when they could sell it for £149 and no music downloads. If people want to download music then they can download it wherever they want.

1 R, why not steal the Sonos system too, then you can have that for free as well.

I don't think Sonos is quite targeting the illegal download market.

£100 of free music downloads?  There will be many who would rather have £100 off the Sonos purchase price and as you can download unlimited music for free (albeit illegal) elsewhere off the internet.