Sonos apologises for performance of Napster on Sonos

14 Jan 2011

Sonos on Napster
Sonos on Napster

Sonos has apologised to customers using its Napster on Sonos application after several weeks of "unacceptable" performance.

In a letter to customers, Andrew Schulert, "Vice President, Quality" at Sonos, says the company was "unprepared for the dramatic increase in usage of Napster on Sonos".

The company is promising fundamental changes with long-term fixes that the company will aim to complete by the end of April.

In the meantime, all customers should have had their accounts credited with one month of service, while some immediate tweaks have been made in an effort to get Napster on Sonos running smoothly.

You can keep up to date with the progress of the fixes on the Sonos Forum here and also contact Sonos with any issue you find using the details here.

As keen users of the service ourselves, we'll be sure to keep you up to speed with developments.

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Is it still doing this because my napster looses connection ALL the time.


One of the many things I like about sonos they are always straight with you

Shame Logitech can't say the same, been having the same problem with Napster via Squeeze box. Napster have credited me with a free months worth subscription. Personally I don't think that is enough considering the problem has been happening on and off since October.... Effected my halloween Party, Christmas day and boxing day events....not good enough

at least they are man enough to admit a problem and  are doing something about it. how refreshing.