Sky broadcasts first live 3D TV event

3 Apr 2009

Sky 3D TV
Sky 3D TV

Sky last night successfully broadcast the UK's first live event in 3D TV to a domestic 3D TV set, via its satellite network and using existing Sky+ HD set-top boxes.

The broadcast was part of a 3D music event co-produced by Sky, specialist 3D production company Nineteen Fifteen Productions and Island Records to coincide with Keane's live performance at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Sky broadcast a simulcast of Keane's live gig and transmitted it over a high-definition satellite transponder, then displayed the broadcast on a 46in Hyundai, 3D-Ready high-definition TV.

A separate 3D webcast over the internet allowed fans using traditional anaglyph red and green glasses to watch the gig in 3D on Keane's website.

UK's first live 3D TV broadcast
A test broadcast was also sent via a satellite downlink to a Vue cinema fitted out with 3D equipment.

Using polarisation technology, Sky says this is the first time a live event has been broadcast to a domestic 3D TV in the UK.

Gerry O'Sullivan, Sky's director of strategic product development, says: "Being able to broadcast a live event in 3D is a real breakthrough, as previous demonstrations have relied on recorded material."

The 3D content was delivered using Sky's existing Sky+ HD infrastructure, including cameras, transmission facilities and satellite uplink/downlink. Playback was from a standard Sky+ HD set-top box.

Last December Sky broadcast recorded demonstrations in 3D of Sky 1's Gladiators, an England vs New Zealand rugby match and a Liverpool vs Marseilles Champions League match.




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I guess the question is 3D TV the natural successor to HDTV as was VHS to DVD? ..or is it more akin to the Quadraphonic audio debacle in the 70's?

I guess time will tell, but my hunch is that any new product which relies on having to don a pair of special spectacles will never hit the mainstream.

Solve that problem though and it could well (eventually) take off.

so how many people are going to get rid of there shiny new lcd/plasma that they have purchased in the last few years and get a 3d tv and then where glasses to watch 3d programmes...not that many with the way the economy is going which is downhill can people really fork out thousands on replacing there tv just for 3d...i for one will not be as its taken me a few yrs to save all the money to set up my home cinema, spent over �7,000 and cant see myself replacing my sony lcd as its superb as it is. (kdl46w4500)

Oh well, might aswell get the ball rolling.

"Bah, humbug", frankly.

Do i really need Anne robinson in the room with me? Are there not better things the development budget could go on...?