Sharp reveals more details of forthcoming Freeview HD receivers

17 Mar 2010

Sharp TU-T2HR32
Sharp TU-T2HR32: £299 from April

We first clapped eyes on these Freeview HD set-top boxes at Sharp's product launch last week, and now the company has released more details of each model.

There are two Freeview HD receivers in the line-up – one with a 320GB hard drive – and a Freeview+ set-top box with USB recording.

The Sharp TU-T2HR32 is a 320GB PVR (personal video recorder) which will sell for £290 when it goes on sale in May.

It has dual DVB-T2 tuners, allowing users to watch one channel while recording another, supports high-definition content up to 1080p resolution and has an HDMI socket and Ethernet port for connecting to "future internet-based services", says Sharp.

Next in the range is the Sharp TU-T2 at £180, due on sale in April. It's a straightforward Freeview HD receiver without the recording functionality of the pricier model.

And the entry-level model in the range is the standard-definition TU-T1UR Freeview+ box with USB recording, out in May for £100. Three USB ports on the front panel allow users to play recordings back on a PC or second Tv with a USB socket.

You can also watch pre-recorded items while recording live TV, copy recordings from one device to another and schedule series recordings using the eight-day programme guide.

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So far we've only had the Humax HD-Fox T2 (non PVR) in for test, but we're expecting a number of Freeview HD PVRs soon, including the 3View PVR. Who gets there first is anyone's guess.

Does that mean that Sharp are going to beat Humax to the HD PVR market? I have had a Humax 9200T for years and its worked liked a dream - The programme guide is showing its age though and its quite slow in operation so will upgrade to a Freeview HD PVR when they are out