Pioneer announces two new Blu-ray players, but no 3D just yet

11 May 2010

Pioneer BDP-LX53
Pioneer BDP-LX53: due in July

Two new Blu-ray players have just been announced by Pioneer GB, joining the extensive range of AV receivers heading this way.

Both new models offer a choice or wired or wireless internet connectivity, BD-Live capability. YouTube and RSS feed browsing and control via a free iPhone/iPod Touch app, but they don't do 3D – for that, Pioneer says you'll have to be a little more patient.

The company says it's keeping an eye on the 3D market, but will be waiting for more software to be available before launching players.

"Pioneer will introduce two 3D models later this year when the chipsets become available from our supplier," the company says.

"Additionally, we believe 3D will come into its own when software avalability has increased, the level of understanding of the two 3D TV formats is clearer and, maybe more importantly, when consumers are financially better positioned to invest in all the necessary equipment to to receive 3D."

However, most of its range of new receivers is already HDMI 1.4a-capable, meaning it can pass through 3D video from a player to a suitable TV.

Both the top-of-the-range BDP-LX53 (£399) and the BDP-330 (£299) have onboard decoding for audio formats up to the HD versions of Dolby Digital and DTS, and can output as either raw data or Linear PCM.

In addition they use Pioneer's Precision Quartz Lock System to ensure jitterless digital audio transmission over HDMI to suitable Pioneer AV receivers. The system works by synchronising the digital clocks of player and receiver.

The players have the ability to accept 'push' firmware updates over the internet – either via the built-in Ethernet port or via an optional Pioneer wireless dongle – and when connected to a network can also be controlled by a free iControlAV app on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The same app will also drive the VSX-920-K, VSX-1020-K and VSX-1025-K receivers.

The upmarket BDP-LX53 is set apart from the mainstream model by its rigid construction, using a layered chassis and drive stabiliser Pioneer calls its 'Armoured Chassis Concept'. This reduces vibration, and thus plays a part in the player's superior audio performance.

Also on the way is a matching high-end receiver, the VSX-LX53. This will replace the VSX-LX52, and builds on the strengths of the new mainstream range with a heavier, more rigid chassis and higher-quality audio parts.

The BDP-330 goes on sale next month, with the BDP-LX53 following in July.

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That's a shame, I would have thought that Pioneer would have wanted to get their product out there and reviewed, especially as the 51 and the 52 got such great reviews, but maybe that's the problem and stiff competition from others...

Not scheduled as yet, so assume we're yet to receive a sample.

Any idea when you will be getting that bdp-lx53 sample in to test and then review please folks?

Yes, that's what I was told by Pioneer UK.

Sure about the price? In Japan, the LX53 is retailing for twice as much as the 330.

Sony BDP-S760 has wi-fi built-in, on the Pioneer 'LX53 you'll need the optional USB dongle.

As soon as we get a sample, thfc100

How do the specs for the LX53 compare to the Sony BDP-S760? I have been considering updating my Panny BD50 and was all set to plump for the Sony, but as I have a Pioneer screen and receiver am tempted to wait for the LX53. When do you guys expect a review?

Not exactly Twitter spam, PoisonJam - we have reported many press events in the past in this way, as we find readers appreciate this 'breaking news' approach...

Unfollow them then, what else is it supposed to be used for? This is what Twitter was made for!

Not appreciating the What HiFi / Pineer Twitter spam...