EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Yamaha's entire 2009 model range revealed

24 Apr 2009

Yamaha RX-V1065
Yamaha RX-V1065 - available July 09

We've just had an exclusive briefing on all Yamaha's new 2009 models, including its entire multichannel receiver range, new hi-fi systems, speakers and iPod docks. So here are the details.

There are five new multichannel receivers, priced from £250 to around £800.

Note the use of the word receivers: unlike in previous years, all Yamaha's 2009 models come with an FM/AM tuner, so there are no amplifier-only models.

And none of them are equipped with DAB radio, network capability or Dolby Pro-Logic IIz. But all, apart from the entry-level RX-V365 (£250) will offer high-definition audio decoding.

The three entry- to midrange models will be available in May:

Yamaha RX-V365: £250

5.1, 100W/channel, 1080p-compatible HDMI (two in/one out), YPAO sound optimisation, compressed music enhancer, Cinema DSP with eight programmes, Silent Cinema mode, sold with NS-P280 speaker package.

Yamaha RX-V465: £350

5.1, 105W/channel, HD audio decoding, 1080p-compatible HDMI (four in/one out), YPAO sound optimisation, new Scene functionality, 17 Cinema DSP modes.

Yamaha RX-V565: £450

7.1, 90W/channel, HD audio decoding, HDMI (four in/one out), 1080p video upscaling, YPAO sound optimisation, Scene functionality, on-screen display, 17 DSP modes with adaptive DSP level, Silent Cinema and Virtual Cinema modes.

Arriving in July are the two midrange models, the RX-V765 effectively replacing the outgoing DSP-AX863SE (our 2008 Product of the Year) and DSP-AX763 multichannel amps.

Yamaha RX-V765: £tbc (approx £600)

7.1, 95W/channel, HD audio decoding with high-quality discrete amplification circuitry, HDMI (four in/one out), 1080p video upscaling, ure Direct mode, YPAO sound optimisation, multizone operation, Cinema DSP 3D.

Yamaha RX-V1065: £tbc (approx £800)

7.1, 105W/channel, HD audio decoding, HDMI (four in/one out), 1080p video upscaling, new GUI, YPAO sound optimisation, iPod compatibility, Bluetooth A2DP, lip-sync adjustment, Cinema DSP 3D.

Yamaha says it has undertaken special tuning on the RX-V765 and RX-V1065, adding new power supplies, capacitors and other high-quality components.

But, unlike in years past, there will be no specific "UK-tuned" models – the new range will be the same across all European countries.

Part of the reason for this, admits Yamaha, is that it wants to ensure it can meet demand by bringing in stock from other countries if necessary, and avoid the delivery delays it had with some 2008 models.

As for the lack of DAB, Pro-Logic IIz and network capability, those are features that Yamaha may add in the future if dealers and customers demand them. 

Further up the multichannel receiver range, the RX-V1900 (£1000) and RX-V3900 (£1500) continue as before, as do the flagship DSP-Z7 (£1960) and DSP-Z11 (£4900) multichannel amps.

Those models won't be replaced until 2010. And there'll be no new Blu-ray player to replace the BD-S2900 (£685) until later this year.

Other highlights of Yamaha's 2009 range include a new home cinema soundbar, the £399 YAS-71 due in May, and two new TV stands with built-in surround sound, the YRS-1000 (£899) and YRS-2000 (£999) due out in May and June respectively.

For more information on these and Yamaha's forthcoming h-fi products, check out our latest blog.



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DAB radios should be just that. Radios. Not part of the Amp/Receiver. I've never used my tuner on my Sony Reciever dont see the point as i have a V+ box with all the DAB stations i need.

As explained in our blog, Yamaha has now standardised its range across all European markets to ease the supply situation, and as DAB only exists in the UK market, the company decided against making DAB models for one country.

Why oh why do none of these recivers have DAB? Only FM/AM. But Yamaha is not the only offender. It can not be expensive these days to built in only DAB instead of FM. Some of these companies should listen to consumers.



BTW the word is that the models from RX-V1900 upwards will continue in the range through to next year.

There may be an announcement of new models at the upper end of the line-up late this year, but it's unlikely product will hit the shops before this time next year.

Get your orders in EARLY, folks...!

The 765 and 1065 have them, the less expensive models only have a subwoofer out, while the RX-V465 additionally has surround back preouts.

Do all of these models have pre-outs for adding a stereo amp? Last year's range only icluded them on models 763 and above...