Cyrus claims no reliability issues with the CD 8 SE

29 Jul 2008

Cyrus CD 8 SE
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There's been a thread running on our Forums about alleged reliability issues with the new Cyrus CD 8 SE CD player. One or two customers have reported getting 'Disc Error' messages when trying to load certain CDs, and one claims he was told by his dealer that Cyrus had issued a software upgrade to fix the problem.

Given the concerns, we thought we'd better check things out with the boss of Cyrus Audio, Peter Bartlett. Here's what he told us:

"It reads as if one consumer had a problem. Our view is that his unit may have been damaged in transit. I am not sure why he didn't go back immediately to his retailer where it would have been replaced without question under our retailer support scheme.

"Some retailers have been helping us by evaluating pre-production units that have, over the last month or so, been fitted with different software versions to road test the many servo options. These were then assessed and final production settings written into the production code.

"I can't believe the customer has one of these units, I think he has possibly been getting mixed message, but whatever is the case we should have this unit back and will swap it for him immediately."

Bartlett also claims that the new SE platform used in the CD 8 has proved far more stable than the Philips-based CDM 12 transport used in the old CD8x model. "It is more stable in long-term tests and plays a wider range of marked discs with scratches etc," says Bartlett. 

So there you have it. Straight from the top. If you've experienced any other problems with the CD 8 SE, let us know. We'll be testing a full production of the CD 8 SE shortly, and the full review will appear in the November issue of the magazine, on sale September 18th.



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I returned my CD6 SE and Cyrus repaired, not replaced, it. Unfutunately the unit has failed again 9still under guarantee). Retailer will return it again to Cyrus for REPAIR but tyhey will only guarantee the repair for 3 months

Worse I bought the Rega CD player after the WHF recommendation - what a piece of junk. the mechanism is like my laptop, very flimsy. Most of it is plastic and it constantly refuses to play discs - the software isn't fully debugged. I find it amazing that a big magazine doesn't protect customers by saying 'it sounds great when it's working but build is rubbish and it will not play discs quite often which is what it is supposed to do'.

I have a lot of empathy with this readers experience of Cyrus.

I am a dedicated fan of Cyrus equipment with purchases going back over the last 10 years.  However my own patience was put at breaking point recently over a fault AV Master 8 that I purchased from them.

Having got my first unit replaced with a faulty display I found I had code problems working with the second unit on auto swithching between Dolby Digital/ Pro-Logic on Sky.   This was a known fault that could only be fixed with a new code release.

It would appear that whilst product is fundamentally different, Cyrus product development and support (left hand talking to right hand) meant that I got very confusing messages, promised delivery dates that never materialised and a just a general feeling that Cyrus we unable to handle some of the latest complexity of their product range.  Sounds familar to this issue?

I am pleased to say after 3 months problem is now fixed (initially told 10 days) with a code upgrade. I am also very happy with the sounds quality of my Cyrus purchase.

However my personal view is that I would not purchase a CD8SE just yet, until a lot of the production bugs are removed.  Once these have been done, I am in no doubt that the sounds quality would be worth it to invest again in the future.

At all costs I certainly wish to avoid anymore Cyrus customer care requiring future code and product development from them!!

After reading the official comment from Peter I did indeed 'go back immediately' to my retailer who contacted Cyrus and told me my CD8Se would need to go back for a software update which would only take 3 days.  I telephoned the Service team at Cyrus who spoke to their R and D team, called me back and indeed confirmed the player needed to be sent back in to Cyrus for a software update.  I also commented that the player 'cracked' intermittantly and Cyrus said they were aware some players had this fault although did not want to comment what this fault was but mentioned a possible clock error.  My retailer has offered me a new player as an alternative to sending mine away on my insistance.  However if I have been receiving 'mixed messages' as Peter puts it, it has been from Cyrus and my dealer (after they talked to Cyrus).