Chat Live with Sony's Eric Kingdon

1 Jan 2007

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Apologies from Eric who misheard me in the heat of battle re the differences between the EX703 and EX713 TVs. Neither series has the OptiContrast panel - the differences between the two are simply cosmetic.

Most of the subject matter readers asked Eric Kingdon to comment upon related to sound and vision.  I used my question in that area and I'm grateful to Eric for giving me an answer that I can act upon.  But another thing I would have liked to raise is Windows 7 computing.  My ideal laptop would have Blu-ray, an HDMI output to my TV and a 1920x1080 pixel 1080p HD 18.4" TOUCH screen so that I could forget the standard laptop pointer control.  I'd like to see a new Sony VAIO with all this by Christmas please!


7. Are TVs of same 'model' but different screen size generally different only in screen size or are there normally other differences?

example: a TV model (made-up number) XYZ50ABCz (50 inch) gets 5 start test/review. Shoudl tv XYZ37ABCz (37 inch) be expected to be designed and perform the same, only difference being screen size?

AlmaataKZ - your questions(Drunk have been logged and Eric will get to them shortly. There's so many to tackle he's taking shorter queries first.

AlmaataKZ, the questions are going via moderation first.

Please post your questions in the Live Chat box above rather than as a Comment. We'll get to them as soon as we can.

is this where you ask sir kingdon? ok just want to know why sony never went in the plasma direction? an also is oled something you will implement in the future if so how long? another thing your 3d sets took very long to come in the market compared to panasonic and samsung why were they delayed? thank you.


Can you provide any information on a replacement for the Sony BDP-S5000ES

or any other upcoming ES Blu-ray products.

Some questions for Mr Kingdon from a hifi enthusiast:

1. What kind of hifi (and AV) products do you think will be the growth area in the next 1-3 years? Is the near future hard-disk/streamer/dac based or otherwise?

2. When do you think consumers will be able to download mainstream music in CD or higher resolution. Sound quality, while acceptable to most, is not the strongest point of the currently dominant lossy compression formats like AAC or MP3. Is it a matter of time or are there any underlying reasons for this not happening?

3. Why there are no Sony speakers widely marketed in UK/Europe (except small ones mainly bundled with micro/mini/midi systems)?

4. What are your thoughts on Bluray being overtaken by online content?

5. Will Sony make a tablet PC? What are your thoughts on this type of hardware?

6. What if 3D will not catch up as expected?

Is the question supposed to come up in teh dialog immediately after posting (or is it going via moderaton? Mine does not come up...

Folks, can you please wait until 12 noon and post your questions in the box above when it goes live so Eric can directly answer them.

Question to Eric Kingdon, Sony's technical marketing manager

1. When will a ' FULL ' wireless home cinema system with all in one features be released; one where the rear speakers do not have to be wired together;

one which plays and records blueray, has freeview and freesat tuners built into one box;

Consumers don't want lots of devices and masses of wires.

2. When will 40inch OLED TVs be released?

Hello Mr.Kingdon,

Can you please inform me in detail about the technical differences between the BDP-S570 and the BDP-S770. Because if I contact SONY centers, the only things they can tell me are:

a different design and a backlit remote.

But I think there must be more.

Thank you.