BBC gears up for high-def coverage of the Olympics

5 Aug 2008

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The BBC is preparing for the opening of the Olympics on Friday and will extend the regular transmission times on its high-definition channel to broadcast around 300 hours of HD coverage of the games.

Viewers with HD-ready or Full HD TVs will be able to see all the HD broadcasts on Sky HD, Virgin Media's V+ service and Freesat.

Emma Scott, managing director of Freesat, says: "The Olympics is the ultimate global sporting event, and viewers will be astounded by the quality of the BBC's HD coverage; every drop of water falling off the oars of a rower, to the sand erupting from the long jump pit, will be beautifully clear."

Whether the Beeb's HD coverage will be enough to remove the smog surrounding the "bird's nest" Olympic stadium is another matter. Watching the Ten O'Clock News last night, even the finest HD TV would have failed to remove the gloom surrounding the stadium.

Huw Edwards waxed lyrical about how glorious it all looked in bright sunshine the previous day, but China still seems to be struggling to control pollution levels in Beijing. No amount of high-def trickery will gloss over that.

Coverage of the opening ceremony starts at 1pm on Friday, August 8th on BBC One, Freeview, cable and satellite. For full listings, check out the BBC Sport website.

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Humax Freesat PVR to debut at IBC in September

The long-awaited Freesat PVR from Humax will be revealed to the public at September's IBC show in Amsterdam.

Wotsat will be at the giant broadcasting industry conference to get a first look at this and other previously-unseen products.

Humax has promised an 'innovative IP streaming set-top box' designed in conjunction with icube, a digital media adapter and a home wireless networking product.

Freeview watcheers will also appreciate the new PVR-9300T PVR for Freeview+, and a couple of HD Ready IDTVs with integrated PVR.

These twin-tuner sets will come in 32in and 37in flavours, with a 160GB hard disc, full Freeview+ features and Dolby Digital output.

.....Looking forward to seeing some of the events in HD but let's face it it's the Olympics - not the football World Cup which remains the world's REAL main sporting event!

Sadly not. Unlikely it will be available in time for the Olympics.

300 hours of HD: Excellent.  

Now I just need a Freesat PVR to record the events I wont be around to watch.  

Any news on the Humax PVR?