Audio T, Audio Excellence and Practical Hi-Fi to merge

23 Sep 2008

Audio T
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Three of the UK's top hi-fi dealers – Audio T, Audio Excellence and Practical Hi-Fi – are to merge to create a nationwide network of 24 stores.

The deal follows a year of negotiations between the three. Audio T has 13 branches in the south east, plus a newly-opened 'Select' store in Egham; Audio Excellence has four branches in Wales and the west of England; and there are six Practical Hi-Fi outlets in the north west.

The stores will trade as part of the Audio T group and will all, in due course, re-brand as Audio T.

By combining into a larger group, Audio T says it will be able to offer its customers even better deals, a wider range of brands and will offer 24 collection points for its 'click and collect' website store selling many products not generally available on the internet.

Audio T also runs the Bristol Sound and Vision Show, in partnership with What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, and will take charge of the Home Entertainment Show in Manchester.


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I have had great service from Practical hifi in Manchester heres hoping the merger will give us the customer more product choice and better deals in the north.Bring it on !

I have dealt with the Audio-T guys in Cheltenhan for the last 15 years and they have always offered a professional and non-pushy service throughout. So if that rubs off onto the extended group it can only be good for the customer.

I have always found Audio-T to give excellent service, lets hope this means more of the same. Smile

So is this a merger or a takeover?

Can make a big difference!

Anyone have more detail?

Cool- happy days for us as consumers Smile