Apple sells two million iPads worldwide in 60 days

1 Jun 2010

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Now the hysteria around the launch has just about died down, prepare yourself for the hard facts around Apple's new baby, the iPad.

Apple has announced it has sold 2 million iPads worldwide since its launch some 60 days ago. The iPad initially only launched in the US but as of last weekend it's now on sale in the UK and eight other countries.

“Customers around the world are experiencing the magic of iPad, and seem to be loving it as much as we do,” said a gushing Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO.

Apple seems keen to push the idea that the machine is now very hard to come by though this doesn't seem to be the case in the UK just yet.

That said, the iPad sales are certainly impressive, selling faster than the iPhone (and indeed the original iPod). It will be interesting to see how sales go from here: the iPhone sold 8.7 million units in Q2 of this year.

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didn't the beatles invent the apple brand?

I wouldn't expect the iPad to sell anywhere near as many units as the iPhone, I just don't see the same mass market appeal for it as it sits in a difficult niche area between portability (the iPod) and functionaility (the iPhone). Time will tell I guess, as the initial hype and early adopter purchases die down...

I wish I had invented the Apple Brand

Yeah that, too Wink

But there was both a full shop and a queue of 20+ people there yesterday afternoon....

...or so they had a queue?!

There were still big queues at the Apple Store in Kingston yesterday - they'd roped the entrance of the shop off, and were only letting in a few people at a time, so they weren't mobbed...